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    FREE – Thirteen Ghost Points Webinar

    This webinar is an introduction to the Thirteen Ghost Points as an Alchemical treatment for practitioners or anyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating treatment.

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    FREE – Advanced Five Elements Webinar

    This webinar is designed for practitioners, however, if you're an enthusiastic Five Element learner, you'll also enjoy this discussion.

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    Dao Yin Exercises

    Our 7 Circles / Dao Yin Exercises Daily Qi Gong Practice videos are a great place to start some self-cultivation if you're looking for something new and easy to start your day.

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    FREE – Inspired Action Pod List

    Enjoy finding the content you're looking for. Want to listen to just the Wood episodes of the podcast? Go to the Five Elements section of this podlist and find the Wood pods. Easy peasy! We love taking the path of greatest ease!

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