The Energetics of Flow: Addressing Blocks to the Flow of Energy (3 Part Series)

The Energetics of Flow: Addressing Blocks to the Flow of Energy

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CEUs: 4.5 NCCAOM or California Acupuncture Board

This Bundle includes the following classes:

Clearing Channel Blocks

Smooth Flow of Qi: Clearing Channel Blocks

Clearing Channel blocks involves first assessing the pulses and then the signs and symptoms. Then treatment focuses on using entry and exit points to direct the qi flow through the channels.

Finding Balance

Finding Balance: Left/Right Channel Imbalances

The balance of qi on the the left and right sides of the body is paramount for optimal health. However, it can be easily disrupted by injuries, stress, or emotional upset. Treating left/right imbalances helps the body more quickly restore homeostasis and optimal health. These treatments are fairly simple to learn and utilize in the treatment room. Once you discover the effectiveness of these simple treatments, you may find that a big percentage of simple complaints of dis-ease in a person are more easily remedied.

Yin/Yang Imbalances: Ren Mai/Du Mai and H/W Blocks

Treating a Ren Mai/Du Mai block helps the body restore its yin/yang balance and optimal health. These treatments are fairly simple to learn and utilize in the treatment room. Once you discover the effectiveness of these simple treatments, you may find that simple complaints of exhaustion in otherwise healthy people are more easily remedied.

What others are saying ...

Excellent class. As usual Leta was creative, thorough, and efficient. She seems to be very relaxed with her presentations and very aware of her audience at the same time.
Mary Sudduth
Acupuncturist, Texas
It's incredible how much I was able to learn in this class without feeling a sense of overwhelm from the information. There is a beautiful balance between thorough theory and very applicable practical information. The way that Leta covers this is down-to-earth and no-nonsense. I love that about it.
Ivy Van den Berge
This course has helped me become proficient and gain enough knowledge to increase my healing knowledge and potential for my clients and future clients. I am so happy and excited that I purchased this course, for so many reasons, but really because now I can better help my clientele and expand my business to help even more people!
Dr. J. Celeste Ruland
Leta is a highly knowledgeable, generous and inspiring instructor. She is able to distill her many years of experience into principles and treatments that are clear and can be put to use immediately in the clinic.
Keiko Chronin
Acupuncturist, CA

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What others are saying ...

In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, Alchemical TCM is so needed in the world! I know too many people with psycho-emotional issues who are Western Medicine treatment failures; pharmaceuticals just make them worse. Psycho-emotional issues are an imbalance in the Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit. The Soul needs to be addressed; the Heart needs to be heard! This is where the healing lives. I'm so happy there are skilled practitioners teaching this modality!
Kristine Buckley
Herein lies the essential foundation information you didn't, don't, and won't receive in your acupuncture school education. The effective practitioner is one who has already been, currently is, and continues to be in the state of beginner's mind, in the eternal Now, with egolessness, humility, patience, respect, knowledge. and lucid awareness. Would you want anything less from whom you choose to go to for healing? Finally. I can breathe a sigh of relief that this work is more available to healers.
Judith Story
"Leta has a way of teaching potentially esoteric material in a way that is very practical. She covered a vast amount of terrain in a very organized, clear and engaging presentation. The case studies and examples that she provides from her extensive experience thoroughly illustrate the application of the materials."
Keiko Cronin
"I find that Leta and Jaye create a clear, enjoyable, and well-organized atmosphere that fosters ease in learning. I appreciate that clarity, the bullet points, and the metaphoric and actual examples used in conveying the concepts. Organizing information, even things I'm passionate about learning, can be challenging for me at times and Leta and Jaye make that much easier. I also find that the humor and warmth keeps me engaged while the practical recommendations for possible ways of using the material helps to anchor it in my body."
Jenny Wolffe
Healing Arts Practitioner
"Exquisite! I could listen all day long ... Thank you Leta! for sharing your wisdom....gracious you are with your knowledge! Mahalo."
Troy Krebs
"I love how Leta demystifies the mystical. She provided clear and easy ways to work with Qi blockages. I learned things I can put into practice immediately."
"Leta is a very good teacher. The energetics taught are very pertinent to what I see in my clinic. This is another level of helping people to find their center and be in balance with their lives."
"I LOVE the way the class is setup in easy, short, informative clips. I love having a new skill that is not taxing on my body."
Brad Surette
The course content and material were very thorough and clear. Leta and Jaye's lessons were well-organized, well-delivered, and well-illustrated. Thank you for this wonderful course. It has already made a difference to some of my family members.
Marshall Garland

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