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  • Leta

    April 16, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Jocelyn,

    Thanks so much for reaching out and I apologize for not responding sooner! I somehow missed your post. We are so happy you’re enjoying the podcast!

    The different types of Fire are: Heart (rare), Small Intestine (slightly rare), Pericardium (most common) and Triple Heater (also rare). Heart and Small Intestine are paired and Pericardium and Triple Heater are paired.

    The only resources that I’ve looked at are Claude Larre and Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee (though they’re dense reading).

    Basically – Pericardiums are how we mostly describe fire – outgoing but can be shy when they don’t feel safe, smiley, a little self-centered, love to share and find common ground, want to be loved, etc. Everything we talk about for Fire.

    Small Intestine is similar but a little less shy and also is constantly sorting – deciding what’s right or wrong for them.

    Heart is quite rare- life can be quite chaotic, people have strong reactions to them, and they might not have as many friends or be quite so social

    Triple Heater is uber social, life of the party, not shy, kind of extreme fire.

    Thanks again! And let me know if you have more questions!


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