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Nine Palaces Self-Assessment

Your Nine Palaces Self-Assessment

Step One: Be the observer in your own life, take a close look at all of your 9 palaces…be deeply honest but be kind to yourself.

Career Palace

This is about your job or vocation. If you’re not working at this moment in your life, answer this question based on your knowledge base and skill sets.
Do you do your job just because you love your vocation (as opposed to doing it just to make money)?
If you could do any job, would it be the job you’re doing now?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Relationship Palace

This is mostly about your relationship with your partner, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, but can include other relationships.
Are you unhappy being single or if you have a partner, are you having difficulties with your current partner?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Health Palace

This has to do with the current state of your health overall PLUS all that you do to maintain good health.
Are you happy with the way you care for your own health on a daily basis?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Wealth/Abundance Palace

This is not just your finances, but the feeling of abundance of all your resources, including time and energy.
Do your concerns about finances influence your other palaces? For example, are you doing a job you don’t like for the money?
Do you feel like you have enough money and resources?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Home Palace

Not just your physical home, but a sense of a spiritual home.
Do you have a sense of belonging in your life?
Do you feel spiritually connected to something (for example to yourself or a higher presence)?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Travel/Global Palace

Your Travel Palace includes a sense of adventure plus awareness of people outside your immediate community.
Do you have a sense of freedom when you travel or even just move through the day-to-day events in your life?
Have you been able to travel to the places you’ve dreamed about traveling to?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Children/Creativity Palace

This Palace is about your biological children OR any creative project that you’ve “birthed” into the world.
Is it important to you to have a legacy that will live on when you’re gone?
Do you make time in your life to be creative?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Wisdom Palace

The Wisdom Palace is about finding a feeling of deep knowledge that cannot be learned in school or a book. It is what you know or learn from life experiences.
Do you have a sense of deep inner wisdom?
Do you take the time to enrich your wisdom in life?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Prosperity Palace

When you feel abundant (like you have more than enough), then you can be generous and give to others.
Do you feel like you have more than enough of something (money, time, energy, etc.)?
Do you feel generous?
1 = Needs Work; 10 = Doing Great

Step TWO: A deep analysis of palaces that need work

Step THREE: If it’s “broke,” how can you fix it?

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