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The MAAP/MAP Program is designed to be a highly interactive/experiential program. The goal is that you not only learn the material (and enhance your Knowledge Palace) but we want you to LEARN the material experientially (and enhance your WISDOM Palace). Wisdom is deeper than knowing. Knowing is your mind gathering facts. Wisdom is when you know it in your BONES (which are associated with the Water Element and thus the Wisdom palace).

So… to achieve this goal, you will be taking some online classes, receiving your own Alchemy sessions, and joining us for dynamic Zoom classes throughout the year.

Online classes

One of our goals before we all get together and participate in live Zoom classes is to have everyone be able to have the same vocabulary and basic understanding of the content we will be working with. For this reason, we’ve created a number of online classes for you to take before we begin our interactive part of the program. But even before our Zoom classes begin, Leta and Jaye will be engaging with you on the homework portions of these online classes–reading everything you write, and often responding and interacting with you about your assignments. It’s a great way for us to begin to understand who you are and what you’re about!

To begin, we recommend working through the classes in the following order.

  • Understanding the Five elements
  • Understanding Nine palaces
  • Releasing Chaotic Energy
  • Intro to Alchemy
  • Advanced Alchemical Five Elements
  • Alchemical Rapport and Professional Intimacy
  • Removing Obstacles with the Nine Palaces
  • Intro to the Thirteen Ghost points

Your Monthly “Stages of Alchemy” Treatments

We also have a portion of this program that helps you move through your own Alchemy. You will be meeting with Leta (or another practitioner if you chose that option) for monthly Alchemy sessions. If your apprenticeship package includes a Ghost Points session (or you plan to add that to your program), you will be coming to Northampton to have your session.

In that case, your next step is to get in touch with our staff to schedule your sessions. Please contact our office staff at [email protected] so we can begin to work on your schedule for the year.

Zoom Classes

The LuoFu Shan Apprenticeship Cohort area of the ALC is your private corner for everything you need. Our classes are scheduled to begin on October 18th. Please see the syllabus for an up-to-date schedule of events for the year. The schedule is subject to change, though it rarely does. So check back in weekly to see what’s new, and your homework assignments will be listed there or in this LuoFu Shan Apprenticeship Cohort section of the ALC.

The LuoFu Shan Group and Forum

You also belong to the LuoFu Shan Group. This group gives you access to the LuoFu Shan Forum, where we will be sharing our thoughts and homework assignments during the first half of the year.

Our first discussion on the forum is to introduce yourself to your cohort! Here’s a link to your forum! Hop on over and put your shyness aside. Tell us something interesting about yourself!

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