MAAP 2023 (LuoFu Shan Cohort) Deposit






This Deposit begins your apprenticeship and covers your initial online classes. We suggest you complete the classes in the following order:

  • Understanding the Five Elements
  • Understanding the Nine Palaces
  • Intro to Alchemy
  • Releasing Chaotic Energy
  • Advanced Alchemical Five Elements
  • Alchemical Rapport and Professional Intimacy
  • Removing Obstacles with the Nine Palaces
  • Thirteen Ghost Points: An Alchemical Treatment

In addition, you can begin with your Stage One of Alchemy Meditations.

LuoFu Shan is a mountain in China where the famous Alchemist Ge Hong lived at the end of his life and practiced Alchemy. We visited LuoFu Shan in 2015 and saw the cave where he practiced Alchemy. Inside that cave they found a cauldron that could not fit through any hole to the cavern inside. No one knows how it got there! When we visited, two butterflies flew out of the cave – one black and one white. Later we learned that there is a myth that the black butterfly represents Ge Hong and the white butterfly represents Bao Gu, his Alchemist wife.
Each time we name a MAAP cohort, the name seems to appropriately represent the group. We are excited for the power and energy of this next group that is coming together.



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