MAAP Virtual Year 2 – One Payment Option

Original price was: $4,500.00.Current price is: $4,100.00.





Level Two (Virtual): Heart Pains Treatment, Intro to IDs/EDs (emotional possessions), and Stages 3-4 of Alchemy

This fee is for MAAP (Virtual) Year Two and includes:

  • 26 Group Zoom classes (~2 x month)
  • 10 Alchemy (one hour) treatments with Leta (virtual)

Refund policy: If for any reason you cannot complete the program, you may receive a prorated refund minus the actual cost of the classes and treatments you’ve received.

*NOTE: This program does not cover shadowing days and supervised treatments. However, you can often choose to add these if you wish for the following discounted fees:

  • Alchemy treatment $150 each ($25 off)
  • Ling Shu treatment or Life Strategy session $1500 each ($500 off)
  • Shadowing day $125 each ($25 off)
  • Supervision day $600 each ($150 off)


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