Fire Self-Assessment

Welcome to your Fire Self-Assessment.

Take this Fire self-assessment to understand the Fire in you. Select a number between 1 through 10 of how much you resonate with the question.

1 is "Not at All"

5 is "Somewhat So"

10 is "Very much so!"

At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score. At the end of the class, you can compare your scores to see which Elements are strongest for you.

NOTE: The Element with the highest score isn't always your first Element because many of us "want" to be a certain way because we were taught it's better to be that way. The best determination of your Elements is how you move in your body (your walk), the sound of your voice, and a number of other ways you exhibit your energetics. If you wish to know more, we suggest a one-on-one session with an Alchemy Learning Center coach.

Do you smile a lot in order to make a connection?

Example: When you first meet someone new, you love to smile (not just a nervous smile) to indicate that you are likable and that you want to like the other person. A lot of people smile, but this is a big smile--even your eyes smile. 

Do you laugh frequently, even at inappropriate times?

Example: You love to laugh in conversation. You may even laugh inappropriately or try to "lighten the mood" when people are sad. Other may even perceive that you laugh inappropriately and aren't serious enough. For example, you may laugh or try to get others to laugh at a funeral.

Do you enjoy making a strong heart connection with others?

Example: You love speaking with someone when you have an instant connection, like finding your best friend. This can happen quickly with anyone. With certain people, you find it easy to make a heart connection through conversation... where you're both really excited to talk to each other about a shared interest. This doesn't have to be deep or cosmic. It's not an honoring, quiet sharing, but a sharing based on the excitement of the shared interest.

Is being beautiful very important to you?

Example: You want to be attractive so that people will like you. This is more focused on beauty than on "being cool" or "wearing cool clothes." You may even select brighter colors because they make you feel more attractive when you wear them, like beautiful birds. Or you may spend a lot of time working on your attractiveness, selecting clothes, fixing your hair, spending time grooming, looking in the mirror, etc. But even if you don't like your appearance and don't try to improve it, you wish you were more attractive and often speculate on what others think about you. 

Do you enjoy talking about yourself?

Example: In a safe environment, you enjoy sharing something about yourself with someone who shares similar thoughts or beliefs and is excited about your stories. If you don't share a common interest, then you lose interest in sharing, unless the person is a good listener. Others may get frustrated that you only want to talk about the things you're interested in.

Do you feel nervous and shy in a new social situation?

Example: When you don't know the people in a new social situation or you don't know your role in that situation, you may feel shy and quiet, but you want to find someone to talk to. Once you start to feel safe in that environment, you may become the life of the party and want to talk with everyone. The key distinction is that even if you select one person to chat with the whole night due to your shyness, you really would have preferred to talk with many people.

Do you love to go to places where there are lots of people?

Example: You love to be around people, lots of people. If you don't have any special social event scheduled, you would even enjoy going to an even where there are lots of people just to be around people. If you don't have any special social events for a very long time, you can crave more social activity. You don't like to do things alone. When invited to a social event, you may quickly drop important commitments because you prioritize having fun in a social setting.

Do you prefer a lot of choices over just a few choices?

Example: You like to have lots of choices to look at but don't spend a lot of time looking at any one thing. You like to have a lot of these types of things in your environment to stimulate you your visual field (some may call it cluttered). You prefer a large buffet of choices even if you have a hard time sorting through and making decisions about what you want.

You're good at explaining to others why something is desirable?

Example: Your enthusiasm is infectious. When you're excited about something, it's easy to convince others why it's great and get them to do something.

Are you easily distracted from your current task when something interesting crosses your path?

Example: When you see something interesting, you can be easily distracted from what you're in the process of doing. You may even totally forget what you're doing. Like going to the grocery store to buy eggs and leaving with 20 things, none of which is eggs!


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