Wood Self-Assessment

Welcome to your Wood Self-Assessment.

Take this Wood self-assessment to understand the Wood in you. Select a number between 1 through 10 of how much you resonate with the question.

1 is "Not at All"

5 is "Somewhat So"

10 is "Very much so!"

At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score. At the end of the class, you can compare your scores to see which Elements are strongest for you.

NOTE: The Element with the highest score isn't always your first Element because many of us "want" to be a certain way because we were taught it's better to be that way. The best determination of your Elements is how you move in your body (your walk), the sound of your voice, and a number of other ways you exhibit your energetics. If you wish to know more, we suggest a one-on-one session with an Alchemy Learning Center coach.

Are you easily bored by many people?

Example: It seems like people just do not understand what you’re saying and you have to slow way down to talk to them. You often have to wait for other people to get your jokes.

Does doing bureaucratic tasks like filling out forms or (even worse) waiting in lines to fill out forms drive you crazy?

Example: You hate this kind of thing so much, you’d rather pay someone to do it or beg your friend to do it for you in exchange for a favor.

What is your typical reaction to the idea that a helpless creature (animal or young child for example) is suffering?

Example: Hearing about a suffering animal can bring you to tears or seeing something suffer may even prompt you to take quick action to save it even if what you have to do would be very challenging and requires extreme effort.

Do you get easily frustrated by simple things that aren’t going your way?

Example: Even small things that wouldn’t bother someone else so much, like a stuck zipper on your coat, might evoke a strong response (huffing and puffing, screaming at it, ripping off the coat and throwing it on the ground, blaming the maker of the coat, or any other number of signs of frustration).

Do you like to know a lot about topics that are important to you and try to research them thoroughly to decide what you think about them?

Example: This is not a long analysis of a situation. This is researching all the facts so you can make a decision about what you think about a particular topic so you can advise/coach others and make good decisions yourself.

When you wish to change something, do you feel the need to make decisions quickly and decisively?

Example: When life throws you a curve ball, it doesn’t take you that long to adapt because you are quick to decide how to handle the situation and make the many decisions needed to adjust your course. When someone is slow to make a decision, you feel uncomfortable and want to help them decide quickly.

Do you love motivating other people to overcome their challenges and reach their goals?

Example: Coaching a sports team, being a boss/manager, advising family members or friends in a motivational, “you can do it” way.

Do you enjoy winning in a way that makes everyone feel like they’ve won and is that easy for you?

Example: Negotiating a discount at a store that leaves the storekeeper very happy to have made a great sale.

Do you need to always have a goal (or several goals) that you’re working towards?

Example: No matter what you’re doing, you’re aiming for a target goal. Even something as simple as going for a stroll, you may select a specific spot (like a tree or telephone pole) you want to walk to before you turn around. Reaching that goal always gives you a sense of completion and satisfaction. Then you move onto the next goal. Not having a goal makes you feel unmotivated.

Knowing you did a good job feels great, but when someone sees and acknowledges that you did a good job, that feels even better!

Example: When you’re rewarded for the great job you did, you want to do more great things! When people don’t acknowledge the good job you’re doing, you can feel unmotivated to continue.


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