Hello, and welcome to the LuoFu Shan MAAP cohort for the 2023-2024 Year 1 program. This is where you can find everything related to your LuoFu Shan Cohort’s MAP and MAAP program materials, videos, handouts, and other materials. We will also post group links, times and messages here. You will have full access to this material in this area.

We’re excited to have this amazing group of people gathering together from all over the world in this very special cohort Year 1: 2023-2024!

LuoFu Shan mountain is also very special to us. Jaye and I visited this powerful and amazing little mountain with Master Jeffrey Yuen in 2015. This is the mountain that Ge Hong and his cohort of Alchemists spent the last years of his “life” on. Legend has it that he transcended to immortality status and left his clothes in a pile on the ground and became an immortal black butterfly. His wife Bao Gu who also transcended became a beautiful white butterfly. While on our visit, we saw a black butterfly and a white butterfly fly out of Ge Hong’s cave and circle around each other while hovering over the center of our group. It was one of those miraculous moments in nature and in the universe, that can only be described by us as magical!

Ge Hong’s philosophy is the basis of the Nine Stages of Alchemy as we will be teaching them. We hope that his special magic will be inspirational for the magic of this special cohort!

Welcome to the LuoFu Shan!

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