The Alchemy Learning Center

An educational community promoting Alchemy and Self-Cultivation as a path to a more fulfilling authentic life.

The Alchemy Learning Center

An educational community promoting Alchemy and Self-Cultivation as a path to a more fulfilling authentic life

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Livestream Classes

June 26th, 2022 || July 17th, 2022 || July 24th, 2022

Master Alchemy Program: Becoming an Alchemical Healer

Sunday June 26th, 2022
Sunday July 17th, 2022
Sunday July 24th, 2022
12pm - 5 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. PT
with Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy

This three-part livestream class will take place over the course of three days. Day 1 will cover Advanced Alchemical Five Element Energetics, Day 2 will cover Alchemical Rapport and Professional Intimacy, and Day 3 will cover Removing Obstacles with the Nine Palaces. Attendees can choose to join us for any day individually or all three.

All three days in this three-part class are required for all students in the Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program (MAAP).

15 NCCAOM/CA Board CEUs Pending (5 per day)

The Thirteen Ghost Points: An Alchemical Treatment (Level One)

Sunday, October 31st, Noon - 4:00 p.m. ET 
with Leta Herman

Join us on October 31st with Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy as they share an introduction to Thirteen Ghost Points -- an ancient Chinese Medicine treatment for releasing whatever is haunting a person in life and breaking up cellular and emotional patterns. 

Thousands of years ago, well-known Chinese Medicine practitioners created different protocols to help us cleanse on all three levels (body/mind/spirit) and get rid of Xie Qi (Evil Qi). These techniques have been passed down generation after generation. The 13 Ghost Points treatment was created by “The King of Medicine” in China, Sun Simiao.

NCCAOM CEUs available, NCBTMB CEUs pending.

CEU Classes

Earn CEU's and learn directly from Leta Herman in an easy and fun format.

The Nine Heart Pains: An Alchemical Treatment (Level One)

February, 2022, Date and Time TBD 
with Leta Herman

The Nine Heart Pains Treatment is useful for issues of lack of self-love, addictions, and a life-long sense of loneliness and isolation. Heart pain is an intrinsic component of life. We experience heart pain when we feel like we don't belong, our feelings get hurt, or our dreams cannot be fulfilled. 

The treatment focuses on restoring a person to their true path in life. The 9 Palaces of Chinese Medicine relate to the 9 points of the Heart and Pericardium channels. This treatment brings the sense of separateness back to the wholeness or a sense of home - The Home Palace.

NCCAOM CEUs pending, NCBTMB CEUs pending.

What is Alchemy?
"Alchemy can take you on a journey of self-cultivation with the goal of helping you truly fly in your life and live your full potential."
What Is Alchemical Healing?
All illness comes from wanting things to last forever. Historically, Chinese Medicine's purpose is to heal our spirits. We know things can't last forever, but it's human nature to wish things could or that we could go back in time and do it over again. We wish for permanence in life, but the only constant in life is the idea of change. The Alchemical Healer isn't doing the healing, but rather is acting as the medium or the intermediary by which something comes through them, and through them, they serve as a vehicle of the healing process. 

Alchemy can mean many things to many different people. But the Chinese Daoist masters believed that people are like gold—that their spirits can never tarnish and disintegrate like other base metals, such as silver or lead. Even though most people believe we will eventually grow old, decrepit, and die, these Chinese masters believed humans could even become physically immortal! Alchemy helps our minds embrace the comforting idea that we are something greater than our physical beings—something that has an ever-changing, but permanent nature.
What are the Nine Stages of Alchemy?
The Nine Stages of Alchemy is a map created by the ancient Chinese Alchemists. The stages are a set of directions… telling you to go left here, right here, etc. I learned them from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest, and then practiced them on myself and with others for many years in my clinic.
The Nine Stages as a spiritual evolution roadmap to a destination with specific directions that say… “Turn right here. Turn left here.” It’s not the only way to get to the destination, but it works. It’s a proven way to get there. The ancient Chinese Alchemists put out all the signposts for us, so why not follow those signs instead of create our own? Buddha created his own path. And that’s fine. It’s not easy or everyone would have done it by now. But if Buddha did it, anyone can theoretically do it that way. However, we like the signposts. We like a little linearity. “First do this. Then next do this. Third do this.” These steps can be done in any order theoretically, but in this particular order, everything goes very smoothly. The Stages of Alchemy have changed our lives completely. It’s hard to explain without describing the whole process, but it’s an evolutionary process. It asks you to walk through doors fearlessly—doors that open up new worlds to you, but are difficult to explain or describe to anyone.

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Save the Date - Alchemy Retreat!

October 7-10, 2022 - Alchemical Self-Cultivation and Practice
October 11-14, 2022 - Clinicals

Northampton, MA
with Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy

This event will be held at the Alchemy Healing Center in Northampton, MA. 

Order Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy's 

Through the Mystery Gate (now on Audible and iTunes)

Enter the Mystery Gate of Daoist Alchemy and discover how to remove the obstacles in your way, embrace the magic of all that is, and learn to fly in your life.


Free Classes

Take one of the many free classes offered in the Alchemy Learning Center below!

Our Two Immersive Programs

Next start date: 2023

This six-month guided program is aimed to begin, refresh, and reset your journey of self-exploration and engagement in life. Join Jaye and Leta on this magical quest.

For Self-Cultivators, Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, Teachers, Managers, Actors, Mentors, or anyone who is curious and may want to pursue an Alchemical Life Strategist Practice.
This Program begins a journey to becoming a successful Alchemical Life Strategist in your own life FIRST.

Next start date: Fall 2022

Many of us chose the path of the healer with the goal of helping others while striving to find a path we love. However, as with any career, the mundane-ness of the daily routine can set in after the newness is over. 

If you know that there's more potential inside you as a Healer, you have the potential to go deeper into the Mystery of Life both personally and then with clients. 

Alchemy is a continual changing and growing journey that eliminates the boredom and the mundane in our lives. If you are seeking more... Practicing Alchemy could be of interest for you.  

The Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program will not only transform you as a Healer, but as a Human as well. This program will help you foster and guide your personal journey towards your own radical transformation. This unique apprenticeship will teach not only the theory, but the practical hands-on training as well as personal self cultivation, self exploration, facing and letting go of past traumas, and so much more...

Upcoming Live Events

Join us for a number of online and in-person events!

Our events cover everything from livestream classes on Alchemy and Chinese Medicine, Self-cultivation Quests, the Apprenticeship Program, and yearly Alchemical retreats.

New Book

Order Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy's new Alchemy book! 

Enter the Mystery Gate of Daoist Alchemy and discover how to remove the obstacles in your way, embrace the magic of all that is, and learn to fly in your life.

The Podcast

Season 5 is here! 

Embrace the magic of the mystery of your life. Take a journey with Leta and Jaye through the Mystery Gate with Season 5 of the Inspired Action Podcast. The first episode explores new beginnings and new directions.

Who We Are

Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy, authors of the new book, Through the Mystery Gate, created the Alchemy Learning Center as an educational community space for people to discover the tools for personal Alchemical transformation and growth... and to have a little fun along the way! 

The Alchemy Learning Center is dedicated to learning ancient wisdom for modern times with the desire to empower, inform, and motivate people toward the path of living authentically.

We focus on living an authentic and true-to-self life from the understandings of the ancient Chinese Five Elements and the secrets of Internal Alchemy.

We've created the Alchemy Learning Center to teach others how we've done it and how they can do it too.

Stories of Transformation

Siobhan's experience with our Alchemical community

"It's like getting the tools to have a good life"



Join Our Community of Lifelong Learners!

A Happy Space to Help You Live a More Authentic and Fulfilling Life through Alchemy

This growing community is for those who seek to gain a deeper knowledge about themselves and the universe through the ancient wisdom of Alchemy. We have created a safe place to gather together online. Members from around the world can interact, ask questions, make friends, as well as laugh & learn together!

Wanna take a peek inside the Five Elements class? 

Be a part of our private community—on your terms! ♥️

Many of us are in a crunch for "more" time right now.  More time for work, more time for family, more time for friends....but what about more time for YOU?  We understand the time pressures on everyone right now... that's why we do so many different things in the Alchemy Learning Center. We don't want you to feel the pressure or feel stressed!  Learning more about who you are and how you can live the life you truly want to live should be FUN! 

We have made our classes as easy for you as possible by creating short video lessons of less than 30 minutes each. Which for us is hard since we love to talk about all things Alchemy, The Five Elements, and The Nine Palaces! 
We have also begun creating audio files of each class lesson so you can play it on the go, podcast style. 
 We mean it when we say you can take time, work, and play at your own pace. Everyone is on their own journey and we want to honor that with each member of the Alchemy Learning Center.  So, go ahead take your time—we will wait for you! 

You deserve some "me" time... 🙂

As two very busy people who run a successful Healing Clinic as well as a growing media and publishing company, we know first hand how life can often feel overwhelming.  Some days we we don't want to do anything else but find a few minutes to tune out and turn on the TV—who else is into The Durrells at Corfu right now? 

When we  created the Alchemy Learning Center, we wanted  a  community that we would like to join, with topics we love to teach and learn more about everyday. We wanted to create classes that we would want to take! The Alchemy Learning Center is all that for us—and hopefully for you too! It can be that place for anyone who is looking to ask questions, little and big questions, with no such thing as a "stupid" question policy—we really LOVE all the questions!

This little learning community was created for like-minded people and life-long learners who are looking for an experience where there is real  connection, deep learning, and, of course, laughter and fun. We love the idea of  sometimes turning off the TV and turning on your mind. You deserve it!  This place was created just for you.  If this sounds good to you, give the membership a try. We truly believe this community can bring you what your soul is needing right now—a deeper connection. 

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