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  1. Module One: What is Cupping

    Welcome and What to Expect from this Course
  2. What is Cupping?
  3. Who is Leta?
  4. History of Cupping
  5. Benefits of Cupping
  6. Cupping Tools
  7. Let's Get Started
  8. Top 20 Cupping Checklist
  9. Module One Homework
  10. Cupping Contraindications
  11. Module Two: What You Need to Know
    Module Two Overview
  12. What is Qi?
  13. To Cup or Not to Cup?
  14. Cupping Techniques
  15. How to Prep Your Client
  16. Cupping Sucks! Levels of Suction
  17. Timing is Everything
  18. The Many Colors of Cupping
  19. After the Cups Come Off
  20. Cleaning Up and Proper Hygiene
  21. Cupping Contraindications
  22. Informed Consent Form
  23. Module Two Homework
  24. Module Three: Beyond the Basics
    Module Three Overview
  25. Pain Comes in All Shapes and Sizes
  26. To Bi or Not to Bi (Bi Syndrome is the Question)
  27. The Cup Ran Away with the Spoon (Cupping vs. Gua Sha)
  28. No Surprises Please (Draping Considerations)
  29. Size Matters
  30. Cupping Can Be a Drag (Moving Cupping)
  31. Cupping in a Flash (Flash Cupping)
  32. The Ifs, Ands, or Butts
  33. The Jing "Get Well" Points
  34. Possible After Effects
  35. Actions for Reactions
  36. Module Three Homework
  37. Module Three Quiz
  38. Module Four: Cupping in Action
    Module Four Overview
  39. Meridians of the Arms and Legs
  40. Working with body Hair
  41. Cupping in Action - Neck and Back
  42. Shoulders and Arms
  43. Hips and Buttocks
  44. Legs and Feet
  45. Facial Cupping
  46. Cupping for Kids
  47. Cupping for Self-Care
  48. Module Four Homework
  49. Module Four Quiz
    1 Quiz
  50. Module Five: Adding Cupping to Your Practie
    Module Five Overview
  51. Cupping Marketing 101
  52. Marketing PDFs
  53. Finding Cupping Clients
  54. Pricing Cupping
  55. Legal and Insurance Considerations
  56. How to Receive NCBTMB CE Hours for This Course
  57. Join Us in the Real World - Private Student Facebook Group
  58. Module Five Homework
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Welcome and What to Expect from this Course

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