Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Certification Program

Learn rare Alchemical Treatments - transform as a Healer and Human in this unique, transformational program

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Classes start January, 2022


Become A Transformational Healer

Learn rare Alchemical Treatments - fully transform as a Healer and Human in the Apprenticeship Program

Alchemical Healing in your own Practice

Ancient Alchemical Treatments

Become an Agent for Healing - a Vehicle for the healing process

"You’re not seeing yourself as the person who is doing the healing, but rather as the medium or the intermediary by which something comes through you, and through you, you’re serving as a vehicle of the healing process."

- Master Jeffrey Yuen

Many of us chose the path of the healer with the goal of helping others while striving to find a path we love. However, as with any career, the mundane-ness of the daily routine can set in after the newness is over. 
Are you finding yourself pondering the question:

Is there more to life than this? 

You know that there's more potential inside you as a Healer. 
You  have the potential to  go deeper into the Mystery of Life both personally and then with clients. 

Alchemy is a continual changing and growing journey that eliminates the boredom and the mundane in our lives. 
If you are seeking more... Practicing Alchemy could be of interest for you.  

The Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program will not only transform you as a Healer, but as a Human as well. 
This program will help you foster and guide your personal journey towards your own radical transformation. 
This unique apprenticeship will teach not only the theory, but the practical hands-on training as well as personal self cultivation, self exploration, facing and letting go of past traumas, and so much more...

All illness comes from wanting things to last forever. Historically, Chinese Medicine's purpose is to heal our spirits. We know things can't last forever, but it's human nature to wish things could or that we could go back in time and do it over again. We wish for permanence in life, but the only constant in life is the idea of change.

Deepen or discover an Alchemical Self-Cultivation Routine that fits your life

Be part of a world-wide focused & motivated Learning Community

Study and Learn with Alchemical Healer, Teacher
 & Shaman Leta Herman

How Does It Work?

"This Alchemical path is one of the fastest personal growth journeys that you can embark on. By helping others transform on a daily basis, you go through your own deep and radical transformations as well."

The Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program is a 1-3 year learning program with Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy that provides the fundamental skills to embark upon your Alchemical Practitioner journey. The program is suitable for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and many other healers who are seeking to integrate ancient Alchemical Healing Treatments into their current healing practice.

"Can you provide something that can deeply transform your clients' lives while going through your own transformational process? Yes, you can!"

Alchemy is truly a personal journey. But it helps to take that journey in a supportive community and learn from those who are maybe a little further along this path. This apprenticeship builds on the years of wisdom of its teachers in a way that can speed up your learning process. Our students accomplish in a few years what took us 10 to 20 years to accomplish. Our approach is effective... We take the theories of Alchemy and apply it to practical clinical work so you can step out on this path boldly and confidently.  Some students like a more fast track approach while some of our other students love to take their time and let the material soak into their conscienceless on a deeper level. And still other students love the personal Alchemical journey for themselves, as they have many past traumas that have been holding them back and are loving the new found freedom from their own Alchemical treatments and self-cultivation practices.  
We are flexible and patient.  Whatever timeline and pace you choose to take, we believe it is for you to decide on your own path. We are just the guides, it is your journey to take.   
Long-Distance Learning:

This program has been redesigned to take into account our disparate locations from around the globe. Since the pandemic, we all have to had to adapt to a new world "normal',  and we will continue to make adaptations to offer this work for many who couldn't access it before. Flexibility is key. We are embracing as much of technology as we can to further help guide healers to continue their Alchemy practice. Much of the lecture-style and Q&A-style work will be done via Livestream and Zoom sessions. 

"Your confidence and learning curve will develop faster than you can imagine with the apprenticeship and the support of the community behind you. Together we can and will move forward and grow 
as Alchemical Healers. It truly can be a transformational, positive, and self-loving way to learn Alchemy."

In-Person Learning:

While we invite people from around the world to join this apprenticeship program, we recognize the richness and power of in-person learning, especially for the depth of Alchemical healing techniques. As such, we encourage all apprentices to come learn in person at pre-scheduled retreats or to come our Alchemy Healing Clinic for a day, weekend, or even a week at a time. These in-person clinic learning sessions make it possible for you to get your observation and supervised trainings in with maximum flexibility depending on your location. Apprentices who live in the United States,  can spread their in-person trainings out and come when it is convenient for in-person learning.  Apprentices who live far away from our clinic can come for extended stays and do the bulk of their trainings at once. We have 2 international airports within 2 hours of us -- Boston (2 hours) & Hartford/Bradley (45 mins).

All clinical and in-person treatment & training sessions will require observation of strict safety protocols for the State of Massachusetts, including in some cases getting tested for COVID for all in-person events. These requirements vary depending on the current status of our state's laws. We will provide each student with a detailed list of protocols and requirements.
If the current state of COVID and world travels continue to improve, our plans for multi-year students to gather for in-person healing retreats will resume and will be announced. More on the retreats as things develop and are not currently part of the tuition.

The MAAP Apprenticeship has three levels and is designed as a 1-3 year intensive program 
(but can have a more flexible timeline if needed):

Level One Certification: Self Awareness, Self Acceptance
--Completion of online courses: Understanding the Five Elements, Understanding the 9 Palaces of the Heart, Releasing Chaotic Energy -these are all prerequisite courses and ARE included in your tuition. 
--Zoom Training Lecture Series (online), which includes Alchemical meditations and self-cultivation, the Thirteen Ghost Points, The Nine Heart Pains, and Stage One of Alchemy Treatments  (including self-cultivation of Stage One for yourself)
--In-Person observation and supervision of your first treatments
--Treatments on your own (with written notes)

Level Two Certification: The Practitioner's Journey
--MAP Year Two Zoom Training Lecture Series (online), which includes The Alchemical Grieving Treatment, IDs, and EDs and Stages Two and Three of Alchemy 
-- In-Person observation and supervision of the treatments 
--Treatments on your own (with written notes)

Level Three Certification: Going Deeper
--MAP Year Three Zoom Training Lecture Series (online), which includes The Starry Sky Point Treatments and other Alchemical Treatments plus the remaining 9 Stages of Alchemy
-- In-Person observation and supervision of the treatments 
--Treatments on your own (with written notes)

Upon successful completion of all the requirements for each level, students will receive an Alchemical Practitioner Certification for their completed level (Certified Alchemical Healing Practitioner). Graduates of the program will be permitted to list their services using the Alchemy Certification Program logo(s) on their own website and marketing materials. Active Certified Practitioners may also be listed for client referral on the official Alchemy Learning Center Certification Program website under the category of Certified Practitioners.

About Your Guides

Leta Herman is an Alchemical Healer, Chinese Medicine teacher, Podcast host of the Inspired Action Podcast, as well as author of Through the Mystery Gate, The Energy of Love, Connecting Your Circle, and The BIG "Little" Gua Sha Book. She is the co-founder of the Alchemy Healing Center, a very active Chinese Medicine clinic in Northampton, MA dedicated to helping clients find their true potential through Alchemical transformation. She is the driving force behind the new Alchemy Learning Center, offering online classes and live events related to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy.

She has immersed herself in the philosophies of Daoism, Alchemical Healing, and Chinese Medicine for over twenty years. She is a long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest and Chinese Medicine master. She is also a graduate of Eliot Cowan's Plant Spirit Medicine studies program and has studied intensively with well-known teachers and former students of J.R. Worsley, who brought Five Element Acupuncture to the West in the 1960s. 

Jaye McElroy is an Alchemical Life Strategist, Podcast host of the Inspired Action Podcast, as well as author of Through the Mystery Gate, The Energy of Love, Connecting Your Circle, and The BIG "Little" Gua Sha Book. She is the co-founder of the Alchemy Healing Center, a very active Chinese Medicine clinic in Northampton, MA dedicated to helping clients find their true potential through Alchemical transformation. She is a co-founder of the new Alchemy Learning Center, offering online classes and live events related to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy.

McElroy combines her career in business, writing, and creative arts with Alchemy and the Five Elements to help people manifest their true potential in life. She considers herself a humble student of life, love, and laughter.

More About Your Teachers

The Alchemy Healing Center

Healing in modern day society is focused on getting rid of symptoms as quickly as possible. The Alchemy Healing Center in Northampton MA, founded by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy, is focused on cultivating your true potential while healing the source of the problem, whether it is emotional or physical. 

Leta & Jaye's New Book

Order Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy's new Alchemy book! 

Enter the Mystery Gate of Daoist Alchemy and discover how to remove the obstacles in your way, embrace the magic of all that is, and learn to fly in your life.

Upcoming Live Events

Join us for a number of online and in-person events!

Our events cover everything from livestream classes on Alchemy and Chinese Medicine, Self-cultivation Quests, the Apprenticeship Program, and yearly Alchemical retreats.

The Podcast

Season 5 is here! 

Embrace the magic of the mystery of your life. Take a journey with Leta and Jaye through the Mystery Gate with Season 5 of the Inspired Action Podcast. The first episode explores new beginnings and new directions.

Our most recent Master Alchemists Retreat!

Alchemy is the Road Less Traveled

If you’re attracted to Alchemy and to the ways it can transform your life, you must ultimately walk it alone. But we like to say you can have friends along the way, who will share the path with you. Many Alchemists retreated to the mountains in the old days, to practice in small groups. This is a tradition of living life differently than people do in mainstream modern culture. The focus is on self-cultivation. We’ve been practicing Alchemy for many years now. We are also lucky to have found and built a community of others who want to practice with us.

- Leta & Jaye

Program Outline

This program is designed to meet each particular student’s needs and will vary in the time it takes to complete. Some participants may want to move more quickly than others. We recommend that participants plan to complete all the work within a maximum of 3 years from their start date. However, each apprentice’s path will be different, and not all apprentices may want to complete all 3 levels. 

MAAP Level One

1. Prerequisite Online Classes:

Once you're accepted into the program and have signed up for your Master Alchemy Quest, you will be given access to four online prerequisite classes, which you should complete before the start of the program. 

--Understanding the Five Elements
--Understanding the Nine Palaces
--Releasing Chaotic Qi
--Intro to Alchemy for Practitioners

Suggested Reading: Through the Mystery Gate, Connecting Your Circle, 3 more books...

2.  Master Alchemy Quest: Personal Journey - Picking up the thread of Alchemy

Each apprentice will be required to sign up for the Master Alchemy Quest.

3. Initial Zoom Session:

In addition to the MAQ events (and included in your MAQ fee), we will have an initial Apprentice meeting at a time that's convenient for everyone.

4. Intro to the Ghost Points Workshop:

Attendance is required for the Intro to the Ghost Points workshop.

5. Your personal Alchemy treatments:

As Alchemy Practitioners we must first personally experience Alchemy before we can help others along the path.  (All treatments will be deeply discounted for apprentices in the program)

--Thirteen Ghost Points (4-6 hours)
--Nine Heart Pains (4-6 hours)
--Stage One of Alchemy treatments (90 minutes preferably monthly)

Also Recommended: Optional Alchemy Strategy Session- 90 minute or longer 3-4 hour coaching session.

6. January Online MAAP Lectures and Zoom sessions:

Starting in January 2022, your journey will continue the Master Alchemy Apprentice Program Classes. This semester long lecture series will be a program similar to the MAQ in time and financial investments, but only for healing Apprentices.  

7. Shadowing at the Alchemy Healing Center:

Every apprentice in Level One will be required to observe "in person" sessions and submit session notes for a minimum of:

-- Three (3) 13 Ghost Point treatments
-- Two (2) 9 Heart Pains treatments
-- Three (3) First Stage of Alchemy treatments

Within a week after shadowing a session, you will be required to submit your MAAP Alchemy Treatment Notes.  Leta will review these and a complete review session of all your session notes with Leta will be done upon completion.  Shadow fees at the Alchemy Healing Center Clinic, are $125 per day and are an additional part of your tuition.

8. Supervision:

To complete the Level One Certification, you need to perform at least one (1) supervised  Thirteen Ghost Points treatment and one (1) Nine Heart Pains Treatment with Leta present in the room. In addition, you will perform two (2) supervised Stage One of Alchemy treatments. This is only a minimum… many students require or desire more supervision. This is a good thing!  It may be necessary for your individual  learning style to be flexible and kind to yourself.  Treatment notes are required to be submitted on all the supervised treatments.  All supervised treatments are $500 for the practitioner and are an additional part of your tuition.

9. Treatments in Your Practice:

After completion of your personal and supervised treatments for each level of training, you can begin to start practicing on your own. At this point in your training, we ask that you complete Alchemy Treatment Notes for Five (5) sessions per Level with your clients. In addition, you are required to submit 5 additional Stage One Alchemy Treatment notes . Clients may be friends, families, patients, or volunteers. In order to receive certification, we must receive all session notes and have a positive review session with Leta.

10. Study Pods:

If available, each new group of apprentices will form a study pod group in the Alchemy Learning Center and meet periodically to discuss their progress. Each study pod will have homework or challenges. Each pod will travel through their training together. Each apprentice will be required to complete and document 24 hours of this study group work per year. 

11. Retreats:

A live in-person retreat may be scheduled in February 2022 for all MAQ and MAAP students, if permitted. Retreats are a great opportunity for those who live far away to complete their shadowing and supervision treatment requirements. World travel restrictions will decide the 2022 retreat scheduling.

Level Two Master Alchemy Apprentice Program: The Practitioner's Journey

In addition to the above requirements, you will be required to attend your coursework for Level Two and observe “in person” and submit notes for a minimum of three (3) IDs, EDs, or Grieving treatments (preferable at least one IDs or Eds treatment) with Leta plus three (3) Nine Stages of Alchemy treatments (Stage 2 or above).  Plus you must perform at least three (3) supervised treatments with Leta present (one IDs, one EDs, and one Grieving treatment). Treatment notes are required to be submitted on all these treatments. This is a minimum… more may be necessary for your learning and that will be worked out at the time.

Level Three: Going Deeper

In addition to the above, you will be required to attend your coursework for Level Three and observe “in person” and submit notes for a minimum of three (3) additional Ling Shu treatments with Leta plus three (3) Nine Stages of Alchemy treatments (preferably for higher level stages). Plus you must perform at least two (2) supervised treatments with Leta present (preferably one Starry Sky points treatments). Treatment notes are required to be submitted on all these treatments. This is a minimum… more may be necessary for your learning and that will be worked out at the time. 

MAAP fees: 
Our previous fee structure was based on participation in a per year-long program. With COVID circumstances, we have created a new pay-as-you-go program. We feel this is fair and will help support the different circumstances we are all dealing with and the limitations of travel, safety protocols, and not having too many people in a live classroom at the same time. This may change as situations change.

We know the importance of this work must continue, and we are greatly appreciative of all of our students' dedication. We do not want cost or financial restraints to be a deciding factor that prevents anyone who truly desires to learn this work. Please connect with us if you need assistance. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to create a lifestyle that embraces Alchemy, Self-cultivation and a committed level of focus and attention in understanding and learning these powerful Alchemical Treatments.

You will be transforming yourself and the work you’re doing with others on a completely new level. 

How to Begin...

  •  Fill out the MAAP application. Tell us WHY you need to do this program!
  • ​We will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your path.
  • ​​​​Enroll in the Master Alchemy Quest (see below for outline of the quest).
  • ​Begin your online prerequisites in the Alchemy Learning Center PRIOR to the Quest start date.
  • ​Begin the Master Alchemy Quest (which starts your MAAP program) in January, 2022.  

An Outline of the Master Alchemy Quest

In this online Quest, we will share many of the beautiful teachings passed down from
Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist Priest. 

In ancient times, some very wise human beings observed the nature of life and the natural human responses to it. Instead of trying to teach humans how to deal with the choppy waters of life without a rudder, sail, or oars, they decided to raise the bar! They wanted more, asked more, needed more—and they sought knowledge, rather than material items. These ancient Alchemists discovered a way to navigate the tumultuous waters in their lives and set sail to a particular destination of their choice.

They set out to become what the Chinese called a “realized human being” or what’s known as a “Zhen Ren” in Chinese. They were the wizards and magicians who cracked the code on how to transcend the life of an “average human being.” We think it is truly a road worth taking. 
Alchemy is mastery of your own life. It’s not easy to achieve, but anyone can achieve it. 
The Eight Immortals of antiquity in China are considered to represent all the types of people in the world. In today’s language, the Eight consisted of a healthy young man, an elderly man, a woman, a wealthy man, an under-privileged, gender non-conforming person, a handsome prince, a creative artist, and a man with a disability. The diversity of the group is meant to show us that anyone, at any point in their lives, can start their journey and achieve mastery in their own lives.
You can be on your deathbed taking your last breath or recently born and taking your first breath and still discover the meaning of Alchemy.
You just need the tools, the awareness, and some guidance—though that guidance could certainly come from within you.

Alchemy came to us through the guidance of many teachers and life experiences, but our true inspiration to learn more about Alchemy came from Master Jeffrey Yuen and his vast knowledge of ancient Alchemy. We think of the Nine Stages of Alchemy as a roadmap that can guide us with specific directions that say now turn right here, and make a left there. It’s not the only way to get to our destination; in fact, anyone could invent their own Alchemical road map. However, we believe that a group of very wise people created a wonderful map for us a very long time ago—so why not follow the stepping stones they laid out for us to follow? It’s just one way to get there. The ancient Alchemists did it, and they surely wanted us to give it a try.
  • Contribute to an active learning community that manifests our true potential as cooperative social beings
  • Develop or expand a vision of Alchemical culture
  • Grow further inspired to manifest that vision
  • ​Perpetuate positive action to incite others to embody their own Alchemical path
  • ​Be part of and connect with an emerging community of Alchemically-oriented people
  • ​Celebrate transformation, curiosity, inspiration, and self-cultivation

Quest Details

Start Date: January, 2022

  • 8 Livestream Classroom online or in-person sessions with Leta and Jaye (watch live or recorded version)
  • ​8 optional drop-in group sessions on Zoom
  • ​Accountability pods
  • ​100 day journaling challenge
  • ​Weekly exercises and meditations
  • ​Access to the alchemical library of meditations, online classes, and books
  • ​Discount on virtual or in-person optional Alchemy treatments (90 minutes)
  • ​Discount on virtual or in-person optional Strategy sessions (90 minutes)

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1 - It's About Time: Taking back control & embracing the limitless nature of time.

In this lesson, you will pick up the thread of Alchemy perhaps for the first time or again after a hiatus. You’ll discover that time can be on your side. By embracing an immortality mindset, you are no longer constantly running out of time. Instead, time becomes your friend. Together with us, you will begin a 100-day, self-cultivation challenge of journaling and meditation, applying the special resource of time to your most precious belonging-- YOURSELF. As you learn to reshuffle your priorities in life, the authentic YOU begins to emerge -- and your daily self-cultivation routine becomes meaningful and sustainable for your life. Life can become easy again. Joy and Happiness can flow into every moment in time. 

Lesson 2 - Discover your Curriculum Through the 9 Palaces of the Heart: Why are you here in this lifetime? Are you truly free to do what you want in your own life?

In this lesson your dialogue with yourself expands to discover your life's purpose. Through the Five Elements and the Nine Palaces, a deeper conversation with yourself begins with prioritizing the things that mean the most to you and your life’s curriculum. Through this deeper exploration, a new value system can emerge that helps you easily know where you need to be and what you need to be doing along your roadmap of life. The question of destiny vs. free will becomes simplified with the elements of time and purpose no longer being enemies. By making friends with your curriculum and fully embracing the fullness of your life, you can step onto the path of Alchemy, clean and clear with a sense of freedom. Desire and passion about what you really want to do in your life can emerge. 

Lesson 3 - Break Free From/Unroot your Fears: Entering the Mystery Gate - Is Fear holding you back from loving yourself?

In this lesson you will make friends with fear. The Mystery Gate is the entranceway into Alchemy. It calls upon us to no longer fear death so that we can live to live rather than live to die. This is a deeper process than what we think is on the surface, so we utilize more advanced meditations to access the fears that are held deeper in the unconscious. However, we do so gently and with great kindness to ourselves, without judgment of fear. This is true self-forgiveness, self love, and self discovery.

Lesson 4 - Reconnect with your Deeper Purpose in this Lifetime: Asking yourself "better" questions.

In this lesson you will begin asking yourself the "what do I really want question.” At the end of the dark tunnel, there is always light. The light brings clarity to our intentions and purpose in this lifetime. It takes courage to engage yourself at this level because it requires the abandonment of what you may have thought you were based on how you fit into society. By deepening the conversation with yourself, you “receive” your answers rather than fabricate them. We let our old stories go, and create new stories, with ease, love, and harmony with nature and with those around us.

Lesson 5 - Connect with you Heart's Desire: Are you fully Connected with you Heart's Intent? Do you understand what your heart truly longs for?

In this lesson you will begin to engage your heart and it’s human desires. While some spiritual traditions attempt to disengage the heart from its desires, in this Daoist tradition, we first need to fully embrace our heart’s longings… to deepen our understanding of them and connect them with what our higher purpose truly is. Once we begin to find our Heart’s intent, we give our heart time to “apply itself” to our intent, which then activate our will - the courage to allow ourselves to actually receive what we truly want.

Lesson 6 - Learn to Find the Path of Greatest Ease in Everything: Are you fighting yourself constantly? Are you the Rebel in your Rebellious Qi?

In this lesson we recognize, without judgment, the human condition that makes us feel like we have to fight for what we want. However, like a child who has a tantrum, the need to fight, which is called Rebellious Qi in Chinese Medicine, just needs some calming. You will begin to release this Rebellious Qi, which is your Resistance, and begin to allow ease to arise. As you find ease, it multiplies itself as you learn that "resistance is futile," and the resistance can melt away.

Lesson 7 - Awaken your Spiritual Essence: Connecting to your Higher Spirit Self

In this lesson we understand that without ease, we cannot truly engage our higher spirit self. The resistance in us prevents us from having a pure conversation. There will always be an agenda to any conversation when you’re trying to achieve something. Once you've stopped all the fighting, you can connect and commune with your spirit, face-to-face, either through shamanic journey or meditation.

Lesson 8 - Who Am I, Really?: Your true first step in the Alchemical journey

In this lesson you return to the question "Who am I?” from the perspective of your spirit. From this place, you understand that what you thought you really wanted doesn’t matter, because it naturally flows to you anyway. You begin to incorporate your new value system into the ease of your everyday movements through life, so that decision-making (once fraught with doubts, negative talk, or self loathing) becomes easier. This is the transformation of you into who you were born to be and who you were meant to become. The first step in the Alchemical transmutation of you.

Who am I? 
When we are looking outside ourselves for the answer to the Who Am I question instead of finding inspiration from within, then it becomes about who you are not. You may ask, "Why can't I be like that artist that painted that beautiful painting or why can't I be like that athlete who won Olympic gold?" These are questions that require deep contemplation.

This is about asking yourself better questions.

What You Receive in the Apprenticeship Program

  • ​Access to 4 on-line prerequisite classes
  • Initial planning session with Leta
  • ​Online livestream classes and Zoom trainings, in-person options will be available
  • ​A guided path to learning and understanding the 9 Stages of Alchemy and several Alchemical treatments
  • ​A deeper personal transformation that will change your life and your clients 
  • Shadowing Leta personally during treatments in our Healing Center. 
  • ​Study pods with fellow Apprentices in your group
  • In-Person Retreats - Based on COVID guidelines (Year 2 & 3 sessions)
  • ​A personalized self-cultivation routine that will last a lifetime that you will love!
  • ​​Hands-on Learning in treatment sessions

How to Use an Alchemical Approach to Create Deeper Levels of Transformation in Yourself and Your Clients

Interested in Becoming a Transformational Healer?

We put together a free webinar on how to use Alchemy to powerfully change your Healing practice and your life.

When Can I Begin Learning Alchemical Healing?

the next start date is
January, 2022

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