Become A Transformational Healer

Learn rare Alchemical Treatments - fully transform as a Healer and Human in the Apprenticeship Program


Become A Transformational Healer

Learn rare Alchemical Treatments - fully transform as a Healer and Human in the Apprenticeship Program

 Learn ancient Alchemical Treatments

 Become an Alchemical Healer in your Practice

 Find more connection with your Spiritual Home 

Learning Alchemy is the path to becoming a transformational Healer
But here's the challenge...

  • ​There's no clear path on how to become an Alchemical Healer
  • ​Learning Alchemical treatments take a lot of money and time
  • ​Information on Alchemy is challenging to find
  • You need to find the right teacher
  • ​It's hard to know who to trust
  • Nobody has given you a plan

We understand what it's like to feel unsure about what to do next, but to know that there's more out there; that there's more potential inside you as a Healer. The Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program will not only transform you as a Healer, but as a Human as well. Begin the journey towards your transformation.

How to Become An Alchemical Healer

  • Take the Intro to Alchemy For Practitioners online class
  • ​Fill out an application, also provided at the end of the class
  • ​We (Leta & Jaye) will schedule an appointment with you
  • ​Begin the Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program

How Does It Work?

The Master Alchemy Apprenticeship Program is a 1-3 year program with Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy that provides the fundamental skills to embark upon your Alchemical practitioner journey. The program is suitable for practitioners and healers seeking to integrate Alchemical Healing into their current healing practice.

What You Receive in the Apprenticeship Program

  • ​Access to the Alchemy Learning Center
  • Initial planning sessions with Leta & Jaye
  • ​Online classes and Zoom trainings
  • Shadowing with Leta during treatments
  • ​Study pods with fellow Apprentices
  • Retreats - Based on COVID guidelines

How to Use an Alchemical Approach to Create Deeper Levels of Transformation in Yourself and Your Clients

Interested in Becoming a Transformational Healer?

We put together a free webinar on how to use Alchemy to powerfully change your Healing practice and your life.

When Can I Begin Learning Alchemical Healing?

master alchemy Apprenticeship program
Start Date 2021: TBD
Application Prerequisite: Intro To Alchemy For Practitioners

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