Stage 1 of Alchemy Meditations

The First Stage of Alchemy Meditations help you progress through the first stage of Alchemy.  This group of meditations includes everything in Your First Alchemical Meditations.

The Nine Stages of Alchemy are a Daoist Alchemy process of personal transformation based on the ancient theories of Ge Hong, a legendary Chinese Alchemist. The goal of Stage One of Alchemy is to create ease in your life so that you can commune with your higher self. This set of meditations includes all of the meditations available in “Your First Alchemical Meditations” set, plus the Stage One of Alchemy meditations.

Leta Herman is your guide in this set of guided meditations.

  • The Relax Your Body, Clear Your Mind, Open Your Doors meditation – this is the basis of all of our meditations. We start with this relaxation meditation to prepare you for deeper meditations.
  • Step One: Entering the Mystery Gate – this meditation guides you behind the veil of mystery. What scary monsters will you find in your dark tunnel and will you find the courage to keep going? This is about releasing fear in the face of the unknown.
  • Step Two: What Do I Really Want? – this meditation teaches you how to ask a simple but profound question in a way that you can receive your higher self’s true answer.
  • Step Three: Aligning Your Heart with What You Really Want – this meditation helps your heart align with the answer to your What Do I Really Want question. We often have a lot of great ideas, but which ones are part of our curriculum for this lifetime?
  • Step Four: Releasing Rebellious Qi – Rebellious Qi is the feeling like we have to fight to get what we want. Learn to float downstream and allow yourself to receive all that you want – with ease!
  • Step Five: Journeying to Your Higher Self – Once you’ve found ease, you can now connect with your higher self – your spirit. This step opens the door to this higher self where you can have a pure conversation without an agenda.
  • The Letting Go meditation – this is the main meditation for the First Stage of Alchemy and the main theme of Alchemy – letting go of all the baggage we keep carrying around with us from one day into the next. Clear yourself of these before going to sleep at night so you can wake up free and easy, like a child.
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