Understanding the Five Elements

Understanding The Five Elements is the first step on your journey at the Alchemy Learning Center. Whether you’re interested in learning the Five Elements to understand yourself better or because you have a healing or massage therapy practice, the Five Elements will help you understand the fundamental nature of people in the world.


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Whether you’re an acupuncturist or client of Chinese Medicine, the first step is to look at the Five Elements within yourself. Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to learn more about the Five Elements and how they fit into your life?

  • Do you think it’s possible to live your authentic life?
  • ​Are you curious about learning more about The Five Elements can effect your Career, Relationships, Health, Wealth…and more! 
  • ​Do you want to discover and learn valuable Five Element tools in order to communicate and interact more effectively with yourself and those around you?

What if you could simply watch someone walking towards you, and just by how they move, you could immediately know many things about them? It can help you with your family, your friends, your coworkers and especially your clients if you have a healing practice.

The Chinese believe that we are born with an elemental type that is a theme in our lives.

There are Five energies in the Universe. We have all Five Elements within us. However, one element is the guiding force in our life, from birth to death. That Element, the Chinese believe, is our curriculum and directs us to many life lessons. It signifies our greatest gifts and our deepest struggles.

We are energetic beings. We are powered by some invisible force, which is like electricity that makes us talk, walk, move, etc.


Energy is surging through us and unconsciously telegraphs our inherent nature in every word we speak, the look in our eyes, the way we walk, the way we dance, and even the way we make love!  

The way that the beings of this planet move through time and space are explained by Elemental Energies. Each of the Five Elements describes an Elemental Energetic type:

  • Wood moves out and back, a thrusting motion, like a plant bursting through the ground in Spring and then putting out leaves, and then thrusting up again
  • Fire moves up and down, like the flames of a fire
  • Earth moves circularly, reaching out and enveloping with caring, like the smell of bread surrounding you
  • Metal moves upward for a tiny bit and then falls away, like a leaf being lifted for a moment by an air current and then slowly falling to the ground
  • Water moves forward like the forever-running, unstoppable river making its way home to the ocean

Each being on the planet (humans, animals, and plants alike) has all Five Element energetics present within them. However, the Chinese healers of ages old believed there is one predominant Element that from birth to death is the greatest influence on how each of us moves through life. It is your curriculum or lessons of life. It determines your greatest gifts and biggest struggles.


Discover your own Five Element Stack Up!

Once you understand who you are, you can begin to maximize your true potential in ways you’ve never known before. 

What combination of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water are you?

Each of us has a special combination of the Five Elements that helps make us who we uniquely are! 

Energy is surging through us and unconsciously telegraphs our inherent nature in every word we speak, the look in our eyes, the way we walk, the way we dance, and even the way we make love! Learn what dictates your unconscious tendencies to walk, talk, and move in a particular way… and more!

Once you identify your Five Element stack up, you will begin to understand what truly motivates you so you can have a more authentic life. You can experience an entirely different way of looking at yourself and your relationship to the world around you. 

Begin the journey to greater consciousness about who you are so you can be more confident, more aware, and more excited about your life. 

Unlock the secrets to understanding yourself and those around You!

The Five Elements provides an ancient understanding of energy and how everyone interacts with each other. 

Understand why others do the things they do. Learn to observe a person’s true nature by watching their energetic movement, listening to the sound of their voice, and observing the choices they make in their lives, and more…

With the ancient wisdom of The Five Elements, you can improve your day-to-day interactions with your loved ones, co-workers, clients, and strangers in ways that is helpful to all. 

This powerful wisdom is the key to understanding the workings of the universe and your place in it.

This online class includes:

  • Introduction To The Five Elements
  • ​​Introduction To Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
  • ​Summary, Walking Videos, Dancing Videos
  • ​Five Element Extra Bonus Materials!
  • ​A Five Element Community in the Alchemy Learning Center
  • ​A Five Element Class Handout Guide 

Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

We are so excited for you to take this class! This class combines our life’s work of over 20 years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching students The Five Elements from around the globe.
Leta and Jaye are hosts of the Inspired Action Podcast and owners of the Alchemy Healing Center and Alchemy Learning Center.Leta first discovered The Five Elements when she began studying Chinese Medicine in the late 90s. From the moment she first discovered them, she declared… “Everyone needs to know this stuff!” She incorporates the Five Elements in her Alchemical Healing Practice.Jaye first discovered The Five Elements when she met Leta over 12 years ago and was amazed that it explained many things she’d already figured out about people. She has since incorporated them completely along with the 9 Palaces and Alchemy, in her Alchemical Life Strategist Practice.
“You are perfect just the way you are.You just need to hear that you are perfect, see it, feel it, BELIEVE it….”  

– Leta Herman


  • Do you want to discover the secrets that lie behind the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements?
  • ​Do you want to learn how to identify the true nature of your loved ones, friends, and colleagues?
  • ​Do you want to discover your true motivation for everything you do in life?
  • Do you want to manifest your true potential in life?
  • ​Do you want to forgive yourself and others for wanting to be themselves?
  • ​Do you want… more?


These are some of the incredibly interesting, powerful, and life changing things that you are going to learn inside of this class. We want to show you some of the highlights!

The top four most important things that you will learn:

  • You will discover your primary element and what motivates you in life. You may be able to understand your top three elements!
  • You will learn how your unique elemental stack up dictates how you walk, talk, and move in a particular way!  
  • Understand on a deeper level, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you truly want!
  • You will learn how to identify the Elemental types in the people around you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What people are saying about the class…

Linda Barnes
“I found that I could identify people I knew… The conversational format is terrific as Leta’s and Jaye’s enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging to the student. You want to learn from these two people, [they’re] so obviously delighted to be talking about their subject and so sincere and joyful in their experience.”
Nick Duska
“The information provided in this class is life changing! The Five Elements are life changing! I can’t express enough how important this class is for anyone who wants to know more about who they are authentically. The Five Elements gave me a different way to look at life and the universe, but it’s not just theory. Everything I learned in this class can be applied to how I operate in the real world, and it has impacted my mental health/wellbeing in ways that are profound. The incredible part is that this only scratches the surface on what there is to learn about The Five Elements. Take the class you won’t be disappointed!” 
Siobhan Christy
“The tools I gained from Alchemy Learning Center have been invaluable in my quest to be emotionally and physically the best I can be. After completing these courses, I now feel equipped to raise my children with balance and myself with compassion. It is immeasurable the new heights I have reached.”

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  • 9 Quizzes

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