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  • Leta

    May 27, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    I agree that Lung is more oriented to seeking a higher connection, but I think Large Intestine people would beg to different. It’s just their way of doing it is different. It’s more conversational. More wordy. Both types can do sex drugs and rock n roll or be super duper goody two-shoes. It’s kind of like Water Elements – each Water does something that feels “dangerous” in their lives, but for some reason they feel safe doing it. It just makes them feel intense. Some it might be jumping out of an airplane. Others it might be acting in a play. You just can’t make sweeping generalizations. So for Metal, the sex drugs and rock n roll thing might look completely different for some metals. What does a Metal feel reverent about and what does that same person feel irreverent about? And remember, the reverence may be in the sex drugs and rock ‘n roll itself. It’s all about connection and loss simultaneously at the same time.

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