Dai Mai vs. Ghost Points Class




After years of experience using these treatments in practice, Leta has designed this workshop to explain her practical approaches to treating chronic conditions related to Negative Emotional/Cellular Patterns, Stored Trauma, Toxins, and Latency, causing Chronic Viral Syndrome (such as long-COVID and Epstein-Barr) and other chronic conditions, such as chronic Lyme disease and auto-immune illness. Leta will compare the use of the Eight Extraordinary Vessel approach using the Dai Mai treatments vs. the Alchemical approach using the Ghost Points treatments that she uses in her Chinese Medicine Clinic, Alchemy Healing Center in Northampton, Mass. The Dai Mai Channel is the body’s survival mechanism for storing toxins that cannot be purged due to the overwhelming circumstances of life. The Ghost Points work on releasing cellular and emotional patterns that are the result of trauma and negative life circumstances. This class will compare these two approaches from an Alchemical Chinese Medicine perspective.

Who should take this class?

  • Practitioners interested in incorporating Alchemical Healing and Extraordinary Vessel approaches into their practice (acupuncturists, acupressurists, medical qigong and other energywork practitioners)
  • ​Practitioners who are focused on the psycho-emotional aspects of treatment
  • ​Practitioners and Students who would like to expand their treatment toolbox for difficult patient cases
  • ​Anyone who has an intense curiosity about emotional healing
  • Practitioners who are looking for alternative methods for treating long-covid, auto-immune illnesses, and chronic bacterial infections like Lyme disease and the related co-infections.


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