Finding Balance: Left/Right Channel Imbalances (Akabanes)




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CEUs: 1.5 NCCAOM / California Acupuncture Board 

The balance of qi on the the left and right sides of the body is paramount for optimal health. However, it can be easily disrupted by injuries, stress, or emotional upset.

Left/Right Imbalances are a natural reaction to disturbances to the body, especially to one-sided injuries. The body responds to injury by sending blood and qi to the injured area. This is the body’s wisdom and natural healing process at work. However, the body sometimes takes a long time to recover from this process, and the body can be out of balance in a way that hinders the progress of healing.

Treating left/right imbalances helps the body more quickly restore homeostasis and optimal health. These treatments are fairly simple to learn and utilize in the treatment room. Once you discover the effectiveness of these simple treatments, you may find that a big percentage of simple complaints of dis-ease in a person are more easily remedied.

Balancing the left and right sides of a meridian involves first assessing the left and right sides through pulse analysis, using the Akabani technique, and evaluating the signs and symptoms. Then treatment focuses on using the Luo points to rebalance the body.

While these approaches are not commonly taught in TCM or CCM schools, many practitioners have embraced them with remarkable results. In our discussion, we will delve into the energetic principles behind needling methods and explore non-needle energetic methods that can be applied both at home and with clients who prefer non-needle approaches.

Although this class is primarily designed for acupuncturists, practitioners from various other disciplines and even those without prior practice experience can also gain valuable insights from the non-needle energetic methods we will be covering.

Consider taking this class because it offers significant benefits for your practice:

  1. New Methods: You’ll learn new treatment protocols that can make a big difference in your healing approach.
  2. Deeper Understanding of Channel Energetics: Adding to the basic curriculum taught in most TCM acupuncture schools, this class goes into a more mystical approach to understanding energetics and channel flow that every practitioner should know.
  3. Innovative Approaches: The class focuses on non-needle methods like energetic acupressure, which can be useful in cases involving children or clients who fear needles.
  4. Practice Enhancement: Implementing these treatments can expand the conditions you can treat effectively, boosting client satisfaction and the overall effectiveness of your practice.
  5. Expert Instruction: With over 20 years of experience in esoteric and Alchemical Chinese Medicine, Leta Herman will share her practical insights to improve your skills directly.

Who should take this class?

  • Practitioners interested in incorporating simple yet powerful approaches into their practice (acupuncturists, acupressurists, medical qigong and other energywork practitioners)
  • ​Practitioners who are focused on the psycho-emotional aspects of treatment
  • ​Practitioners and Students who would like to expand their treatment toolbox for difficult patient cases
  • ​Anyone who has an intense curiosity about emotional healing


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