MAAP Year 2 – 8 Payment Option (Tx option)

$687.00 / month for 8 months





Level Two Certification: Heart Pains Treatment, Intro to IDs/EDs (emotional possessions), and Stages 3-4 of Alchemy

This fee is for MAAP Year Two and includes:

  • 26 Group Zoom classes (~2 x month)
  • 8 Alchemy (one hour) treatments with Penny (virtual or in-person)
  • 2 Alchemy (one hour) treatments with Leta (virtual or in-person)
  • Two observation days at the AHC clinic (in Northampton) or at a clinical day*
  • Two supervised treatments (at retreats, the AHC clinic, or at a clinical day*)
  • Heart Pains treatment with Penny or with Leta and Apprentice (supervised)

Refund policy: If for any reason you cannot complete the program, you may receive a prorated refund minus the actual cost of the classes and treatments you’ve received.

NOTE: Leta regularly offers clinical days in Northampton or sometimes while traveling to different areas. A shadowing day includes a tutorial about the treatments of the day. This program covers two shadowing days and two supervised treatments. Apprentices often choose to do additional shadowing days or supervised treatments. You may do as many as you like for an additional discounted fee paid at the time. Additional fees are as follows:

  • Alchemy treatment $150 each ($25 off)
  • Ling Shu treatment or Life Strategy session $1500 each ($500 off)
  • Shadowing day $125 each ($25 off)
  • Supervision day $600 each ($150 off)



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