If Not Now? When?
If You're Wanting MORE in This Life, Alchemy May Be For You

  • Does life feel like enough for you?
  • ​​Are you truly living, or are you just going through the motions of life?
  • Do you wonder what a life worth living would look like?
  • ​Are you seeking internal growth or are you just constantly reacting to what is around you externally?

If you think you don't have time to take time for yourself, then you definitely need to take the time. 
We've designed a program that is just two hours a week to discover how to commit to yourself to put yourself first on a daily basis.

The key to happiness is learning to put yourself first, authentically.

When you complete the Master Alchemy Quest, you'll open yourself up to a life that wants to be lived for a hundred years and beyond. A life that continues making you curious for more...

A 100-day guided Quest aimed to begin, refresh, and reset your journey of self-exploration and engagement in life.

Alchemy is the transformational process of becoming a realized human being - the wizard and creator of your own life. It's the process of finding your own rudder and your own sail and even creating your own breeze to sail on, so that you are no longer a victim of life's randomness.

- Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

  • Learn directly from Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy
  • ​Create balance in your life
  • ​Use Alchemical Meditations to empower your progress
  • ​Practice the stages of Alchemy as a roadmap for your journey
  • Revitalize your daily self-cultivation routine
  • ​Rediscover a sense of purpose and gratitude for life
  • ​Accept and love yourself unconditionally
  • ​Have the confidence to take inspired action
How have you changed since March of 2020?
Even as the pandemic's restrictions on our lifestyles begin to fade away, none of us are the same as before March of 2020. We now see life through new eyes. This moment in time is a tremendous opportunity that many of us have never had in our lifetime.

In one way or another we have all been forced to confront a certain level of grieving and letting go in our lives. The winds of change have blown and have rocked us to our core.

After an extended time in isolation, in quarantine, in fear, or in reflection... we have experienced a rebirth.

What do we do with this new life we have been handed?

This profound change has loosened us up for something bigger. 

We all have a question to ask ourselves in this moment:

"Am I ready to grasp this once in a lifetime opportunity and make real, lasting change in my life?"

We would like to hand you an opportunity.

Beginning January 2022 we will be beginning a journey that we have never embarked on with others before. We want to invite you to come with us on an 100 day Alchemical Quest.

This Quest is a culmination of all of our work in the Five Elements, the Nine Palaces, and Alchemy; put onto a guided path that you will walk with us and the other members of our community.

Its mission is to bring you a deeper sense of purpose, passion and happiness.

"This Quest is unlike anything you have ever imagined... it is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing, energetic, jump-out-of-bed-in-the-morning journey to the center of YOU. You will open (and use) your mind, body, spirit, and heart -- finding the balance, meaning, and purpose you have always craved and desired."

                                                                - Jaye McElroy

How to Begin the Guided Quest? 

  • ​​​Apply for the Master Alchemy Quest.
  • ​Fill out the questionnaire, complete the required reading and class prerequisites.
  • ​Start your guided learning experience each week with Leta & Jaye and your community cohort.
  • ​Continue on your journey through the Nine Stages of Alchemy.

In this online Quest, we will share many of the beautiful teachings passed down from
Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist Priest. 

In ancient times, some very wise human beings observed the nature of life and the natural human responses to it. Instead of trying to teach humans how to deal with the choppy waters of life without a rudder, sail, or oars, they decided to raise the bar! They wanted more, asked more, needed more—and they sought knowledge, rather than material items. These ancient Alchemists discovered a way to navigate the tumultuous waters in their lives and set sail to a particular destination of their choice.

They set out to become what the Chinese called a “realized human being” or what’s known as a “Zhen Ren” in Chinese. They were the wizards and magicians who cracked the code on how to transcend the life of an “average human being.” We think it is truly a road worth taking. 
Alchemy is mastery of your own life. It’s not easy to achieve, but anyone can achieve it. 
The Eight Immortals of antiquity in China are considered to represent all the types of people in the world. In today’s language, the Eight consisted of a healthy young man, an elderly man, a woman, a wealthy man, an under-privileged, gender non-conforming person, a handsome prince, a creative artist, and a man with a disability. The diversity of the group is meant to show us that anyone, at any point in their lives, can start their journey and achieve mastery in their own lives.
You can be on your deathbed taking your last breath or recently born and taking your first breath and still discover the meaning of Alchemy.
You just need the tools, the awareness, and some guidance—though that guidance could certainly come from within you.

Alchemy came to us through the guidance of many teachers and life experiences, but our true inspiration to learn more about Alchemy came from Master Jeffrey Yuen and his vast knowledge of ancient Alchemy. We think of the Nine Stages of Alchemy as a roadmap that can guide us with specific directions that say now turn right here, and make a left there. It’s not the only way to get to our destination; in fact, anyone could invent their own Alchemical road map. However, we believe that a group of very wise people created a wonderful map for us a very long time ago—so why not follow the stepping stones they laid out for us to follow? It’s just one way to get there. The ancient Alchemists did it, and they surely wanted us to give it a try.

Are You Ready to Become an Alchemist in Your Own Life?
If You Are Seeking More...

  • Spirituality in your life
  • ​Meaning in your life​
  • Freedom in your life
  • Balance in your life

...and you are willing to do the work in your own life...
then the Master Alchemy Quest was created just for you.

Our most recent Master Alchemists Retreat!

Alchemy is the road less traveled

If you’re attracted to Alchemy and to the ways it can transform your life, you must ultimately walk it alone. But we like to say you can have friends along the way, who will share the path with you. Many Alchemists retreated to the mountains in the old days, to practice in small groups. This is a tradition of living life differently than people do in mainstream modern culture. The focus is on self-cultivation. We’ve been practicing Alchemy for many years now. We are also lucky to have found and built a community of others who want to practice with us.

- Leta & Jaye

Begin, refresh, or reset

This 100 day Quest is an immersive journey with many different ways of engaging and exploring yourself...

Ask yourself the questions that really matter... What do you truly want? Are you truly in alignment with what you think you want? Do you believe you can get what you want? Can you get what you want easily or do you think you have to work really hard at it? Can you commune with your higher self? Learn how to create a self-cultivation path for yourself.

When we feel fear, it's nice to have someone to "hold your hand in the dark."

This program is not intended as a teacher training, but rather a special time to focus on your own current journey and path to authenticity. Once you master your personal freedom, you can then bring your clarity and wisdom to every aspect of your practice, art, work, coaching, family, and relationships.

Quest Details

Start Date: September January, 2022

  • 8 Livestream Classroom online or in-person sessions with Leta and Jaye (watch live or recorded version)
  • ​8 optional drop-in group sessions on Zoom
  • ​Accountability pods
  • ​100 day journaling challenge
  • ​Weekly exercises and meditations
  • ​Access to the alchemical library of meditations, online classes, and books
  • ​Discount on virtual or in-person optional Alchemy treatments (90 minutes)
  • ​Discount on virtual or in-person optional Strategy sessions (90 minutes)

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1 - It's About Time: Taking back control & embracing the limitless nature of time.

In this lesson, you will pick up the thread of Alchemy perhaps for the first time or again after a hiatus. You’ll discover that time can be on your side. By embracing an immortality mindset, you are no longer constantly running out of time. Instead, time becomes your friend. Together with us, you will begin a 100-day, self-cultivation challenge of journaling and meditation, applying the special resource of time to your most precious belonging-- YOURSELF. As you learn to reshuffle your priorities in life, the authentic YOU begins to emerge -- and your daily self-cultivation routine becomes meaningful and sustainable for your life. Life can become easy again. Joy and Happiness can flow into every moment in time. 

Lesson 2 - Discover your Curriculum Through the 9 Palaces of the Heart: Why are you here in this lifetime? Are you truly free to do what you want in your own life?

In this lesson your dialogue with yourself expands to discover your life's purpose. Through the Five Elements and the Nine Palaces, a deeper conversation with yourself begins with prioritizing the things that mean the most to you and your life’s curriculum. Through this deeper exploration, a new value system can emerge that helps you easily know where you need to be and what you need to be doing along your roadmap of life. The question of destiny vs. free will becomes simplified with the elements of time and purpose no longer being enemies. By making friends with your curriculum and fully embracing the fullness of your life, you can step onto the path of Alchemy, clean and clear with a sense of freedom. Desire and passion about what you really want to do in your life can emerge. 

Lesson 3 - Break Free From/Unroot your Fears: Entering the Mystery Gate - Is Fear holding you back from loving yourself?

In this lesson you will make friends with fear. The Mystery Gate is the entranceway into Alchemy. It calls upon us to no longer fear death so that we can live to live rather than live to die. This is a deeper process than what we think is on the surface, so we utilize more advanced meditations to access the fears that are held deeper in the unconscious. However, we do so gently and with great kindness to ourselves, without judgment of fear. This is true self-forgiveness, self love, and self discovery.

Lesson 4 - Reconnect with your Deeper Purpose in this Lifetime: Asking yourself "better" questions.

In this lesson you will begin asking yourself the "what do I really want question.” At the end of the dark tunnel, there is always light. The light brings clarity to our intentions and purpose in this lifetime. It takes courage to engage yourself at this level because it requires the abandonment of what you may have thought you were based on how you fit into society. By deepening the conversation with yourself, you “receive” your answers rather than fabricate them. We let our old stories go, and create new stories, with ease, love, and harmony with nature and with those around us.

Lesson 5 - Connect with you Heart's Desire: Are you fully Connected with you Heart's Intent? Do you understand what your heart truly longs for?

In this lesson you will begin to engage your heart and it’s human desires. While some spiritual traditions attempt to disengage the heart from its desires, in this Daoist tradition, we first need to fully embrace our heart’s longings… to deepen our understanding of them and connect them with what our higher purpose truly is. Once we begin to find our Heart’s intent, we give our heart time to “apply itself” to our intent, which then activate our will - the courage to allow ourselves to actually receive what we truly want.

Lesson 6 - Learn to Find the Path of Greatest Ease in Everything: Are you fighting yourself constantly? Are you the Rebel in your Rebellious Qi?

In this lesson we recognize, without judgment, the human condition that makes us feel like we have to fight for what we want. However, like a child who has a tantrum, the need to fight, which is called Rebellious Qi in Chinese Medicine, just needs some calming. You will begin to release this Rebellious Qi, which is your Resistance, and begin to allow ease to arise. As you find ease, it multiplies itself as you learn that "resistance is futile," and the resistance can melt away.

Lesson 7 - Awaken your Spiritual Essence: Connecting to your Higher Spirit Self

In this lesson we understand that without ease, we cannot truly engage our higher spirit self. The resistance in us prevents us from having a pure conversation. There will always be an agenda to any conversation when you’re trying to achieve something. Once you've stopped all the fighting, you can connect and commune with your spirit, face-to-face, either through shamanic journey or meditation.

Lesson 8 - Who Am I, Really?: Your true first step in the Alchemical journey

In this lesson you return to the question "Who am I?” from the perspective of your spirit. From this place, you understand that what you thought you really wanted doesn’t matter, because it naturally flows to you anyway. You begin to incorporate your new value system into the ease of your everyday movements through life, so that decision-making (once fraught with doubts, negative talk, or self loathing) becomes easier. This is the transformation of you into who you were born to be and who you were meant to become. The first step in the Alchemical transmutation of you.

If I know who I am, that means I’m going to permanently  attach myself to those definitions of who I am, and I don’t have ability to change. One of our journeys is to come to know who you are, so you can change who you are, so you don’t have to be fixated with who you are. You have to understand who you are before you can shed who you are.
- Master Jeffrey Yuen

Who am I? 
When we are looking outside ourselves for the answer to the Who Am I question instead of finding inspiration from within, then it becomes about who you are not. You may ask, "Why can't I be like that artist that painted that beautiful painting or why can't I be like that athlete who won Olympic gold?" These are questions that require deep contemplation.

This is about asking yourself better questions.

Live Life To The Fullest

  • A fulfilling career that aligns with your authentic self
  • ​​A romantic partner you're passionate about
  • Vibrant health so you can partake in the activities you love
  • ​​Abundant wealth to have what you truly want in this life

Alchemy Makes Everything Better

Alchemical Transformation is one of the most authentic, radical, and clearest pathways to make positive changes in all of The 9 Palaces in your life










"When your Heart applies itself, you'll discover your true Intent and your true Passion. Only then will all beings be at your service to aide you on your life's journey. You can find your deep, inner knowing, and this is where the secret to flying in your life springs from."

- Leta Herman

About Your Guides

Leta Herman is an Alchemical Healer, Chinese Medicine teacher, Podcast host of the Inspired Action Podcast, as well as author of Through the Mystery Gate, The Energy of Love, Connecting Your Circle, and The BIG "Little" Gua Sha Book. She is the co-founder of the Alchemy Healing Center, a very active Chinese Medicine clinic in Northampton, MA dedicated to helping clients find their true potential through Alchemical transformation. She is the driving force behind the new Alchemy Learning Center, offering online classes and live events related to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy.

She has immersed herself in the philosophies of Daoism, Alchemical Healing, and Chinese Medicine for over twenty years. She is a long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest and Chinese Medicine master. She is also a graduate of Eliot Cowan's Plant Spirit Medicine studies program and has studied intensively with well-known teachers and former students of J.R. Worsley, who brought Five Element Acupuncture to the West in the 1960s. 

Jaye McElroy is an Alchemical Life Strategist, Podcast host of the Inspired Action Podcast, as well as author of Through the Mystery Gate, The Energy of Love, Connecting Your Circle, and The BIG "Little" Gua Sha Book. She is the co-founder of the Alchemy Healing Center, a very active Chinese Medicine clinic in Northampton, MA dedicated to helping clients find their true potential through Alchemical transformation. She is a co-founder of the new Alchemy Learning Center, offering online classes and live events related to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy.

McElroy combines her career in business, writing, and creative arts with Alchemy and the Five Elements to help people manifest their true potential in life. She considers herself a humble student of life, love, and laughter.


How will I access the content?
The quest is through an online member page in the Alchemy Learning Center and consists of all the lessons, exercises, meditations, and supplemental material.
Do I need to have in-depth knowledge of the Five Elements or the Nine Palaces to join?
There is no prerequisite or requirement to have an in-depth understanding of the Five Elements or the Nine Palaces. However, we do recommend that you take our short Understanding the Five Elements and Understanding the Nine Palaces of the Heart online classes first before you begin. This quest includes access to these classes and the book Connecting Your Circle written by Leta & Jaye.

Each of us will be on our own personal journey, and the information given will resonate no matter where you are on your life’s journey. Come with an open heart, ready to look deep.
What is the refund policy?
If for any reason you are not happy with the quest, we have a 7-day money back guarantee beginning at the start of the program. Email us at by the 7th day of the program and we will send you a full refund.

The 2 for 1 special is an opportunity for attendees to invite a friend or family member to save on this Alchemical Quest! If you enroll we will contact you shortly. Please note: If one of the two people decides to drop out the full total of $1,488 is still due. The last day for a full refund is the 7th day of the program. 
How long will I be able to access the teachings?
You have a year of access to the material from the time of purchase, so you can revisit and get inspired whenever you need. 
Do you offer payment plans?
You have the option to pay in full or make 3 monthly payments. To complete your enrollment, we process the first payment, then you will be billed automatically.
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