Earth Self-Assessment

Welcome to your Earth Self-Assessment

Do you love when someone asks you for advice or help?

Example: You love to offer advice, but many people don't necessarily want your advice. You are so delighted when someone wants your help or advice and you know what to do to help them!

Do you love to be in a circle of caring people and sharing emotional feelings together?

Example: You are delighted when a group decides to create a sharing circle. You may suggest this as an option when people are having difficulties getting along. You believe that sharing emotions helps to resolve relationship problems. You like to take the time to process emotions and feelings.

Do you love to host your friends and family with lots of good food and good feelings?

Example: You don't necessarily like large parties where you don't know many people. You love dinner parties or parties where your favorite people are attending. You love to host such events and enjoy providing the food (even if you don't cook it yourself though you may also really enjoy that aspect) and space for such events to happen. You essentially can hold the space for the attendees. 

Do you take care of your family and tend to do a lot of the household chores better than others, working quickly and efficiently?

Example: Others tend to defer to you for doing household chores because you're so much better at doing it. You may even be critical of how they do it (not as thoroughly as you would). You may end up feeling like you do more than your fair share (either happily or begrudgingly).

Do you take your time identifying and evaluating a problem and analyzing all the possible solutions before moving to solve the problem?

Example: You feel it's important to identify and evaluate a problem before moving to solve it. You like to take  your time thinking things through and doing a proper analysis of all the possible solutions. The process is more important than the outcome.

Are you nice and accommodating with most everyone you know, but at home with your family, you might be firm and strict about rules and boundaries?

Example: When life throws you a curve ball, it doesn’t take you that long to adapt because you are quick to decide how to handle the situation and make the many decisions needed to adjust your course. When someone is slow to make a decision, you feel uncomfortable and want to help them decide quickly.

Do you take the time to really listen to others?

Example: You are a really good listener, and you can really validate other people's experiences. However, you find that most people don't return that favor to you. When you feel like you just need to talk through a problem, you may not be able to find anyone who can listen other than the one or two friends who always are there to listen to you.

Do you prefer to play a supporting role on a team rather than a leading role?

Example: You are a great team player and love to join groups where you can play a supporting role. You're happy as well to lead a group if that's the best way you can support the community.

Are you seeking understanding?

Example: Are you always trying to understand people and the way things work? When you come to a deep understanding, or Aha moment, do you then want to share that knowing with others? Do you want to have a deeper understanding of yourself?

Are you seeking stability in your life?

Example: You feel uncomfortable when your life becomes unstable. You need stability to feel comfortable. Huge changes or transitions in your life require a lot of your energy because you're trying to find the stability even within the change.


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