Metal Self-Assessment

Welcome to your Metal Self-Assessment.

Take this Metal self-assessment to understand the Metal in you. Select a number between 1 through 10 of how much you resonate with the question.

1 is "Not at All"

5 is "Somewhat So"

10 is "Very much so!"

At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score. At the end of the class, you can compare your scores to see which Elements are strongest for you.

NOTE: The Element with the highest score isn't always your first Element because many of us "want" to be a certain way because we were taught it's better to be that way. The best determination of your Elements is how you move in your body (your walk), the sound of your voice, and a number of other ways you exhibit your energetics. If you wish to know more, we suggest a one-on-one session with an Alchemy Learning Center coach.

Are you more comfortable observing life than being the center of attention?

Example: You like to watch a party from the sidelines or have a meaningful conversation in the corner. You hate small talk, yet, you might really enjoy a meaningful and sincere one-on-one conversation.

Do you feel responsible for the people in your life and find that you make yourself available to be at their service?

Example: When someone needs help, you are glad to be of service or feel responsible for helping them. When you are of service, you feel good about yourself.

Is your honor important to you?

Example: You want people to view you as a person that acts honorably at all times. You want to be respected within your community.

Is the image your appearance portrays to others important?

Example: You take care to portray a respectful or cool image to the world. For example, your clothes must be "just so," and each item must be carefully selected to fit into the image you want to portray (and that image may change frequently!).

Do you often avoid large crowds?

Example: Events with large crowds like fairs and carnivals are events you'd likely avoid, unless it's some kind of event that's really fulfilling (like a musical concert), or there's some other reason to be there. Perhaps it's important for your public image or you're being of service and taking a loved-one there.

Do you deeply experience your five senses, especially smell, taste and touch?

Example: When you eat, you really feel the food in your mouth and even move it around with your tongue. You enjoy touching things that have a lot of texture, like fur. 

Do you see things in black and white?

Example: Things are either true or false. There isn't a lot of gray area in the way you look at things. You find it difficult when people try to fudge the rules.

Are people generally attracted to your mysterious, quiet nature?

Example: Despite the fact that you're not often the life of the party, people seek you out and enjoy your company because you're a bit mysterious.

When push comes to shove, are you a tough guy?

Example: Even though you don't always make a lot of waves, if and when you have to, you're tough as nails.

Do you often transform yourself, either in appearance or in who you are to different people?

Example: You are a bit of a chameleon. You can change your appearance or change how you interact with different people at will. Your outside is somewhat malleable even though the core of you is steady and strong.


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