Water Self-Assessment

Welcome to your Water Self-Assessment.

Take this Water self-assessment to understand the Water in you. Select a number between 1 through 10 of how much you resonate with the question.

1 is "Not at All"

5 is "Somewhat So"

10 is "Very much so!"

At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score. At the end of the class, you can compare your scores to see which Elements are strongest for you.

NOTE: The Element with the highest score isn't always your first Element because many of us "want" to be a certain way because we were taught it's better to be that way. The best determination of your Elements is how you move in your body (your walk), the sound of your voice, and a number of other ways you exhibit your energetics. If you wish to know more, we suggest a one-on-one session with an Alchemy Learning Center coach.

Do you know instinctively what to do in an emergency?

Example: You instinctively know exactly what to do in any given emergency. You act quickly and decisively. Then after the emergency, you may fall apart.

Do you often feel awkward when you're talking?

Example: You feel awkward when you're talking to someone and you're not clear whether they want to say something or whether you should keep talking. This causes you to hesitate when speaking.

Do you often laugh nervously in conversations?

Example: Due to the awkwardness you sometimes feel in conversation, you might find yourself laughing nervously for now particular reason.

Do you like wearing unusual clothing that stands out but might not be perceived as cool?

Example: You like clothing that is a little different. This isn't something that's necessarily perceived as cool. It may even be a little nerdy, like wearing unmatched socks. The point is not to fit in by being cool but to stand out by being different. It's more about clothes that make you happy, not clothes that make others think you're cool.

Does being really silly at a very intense level make you feel really alive?

Example: You love to play where you can be goofy and silly or do something that's really intense and fun, like a snowball fight or a spontaneous game of tag. Playing with children makes being a silly adult permissible. You can be really silly for a very long time (much longer than most other adults) because it makes you feel really alive.

Once you get going doing something you like, is it hard to stop?

Example: You don't like to stop until something is completed. Or if you're playing or doing something with friends that you enjoy, you're usually the last one who wants to stop.

Are you vigilant about what's going on around you?

Example: Are your senses on the alert for any possibility of danger: sounds like sirens in the background that might indicate danger, sudden movements in your peripheral vision, or strong smells like fire burning? Do you know where are the exits are in the room instinctively? If a fire alarm went off, could you technically be the first out of the building?

You may not know exactly where you're headed, but you have a great ambition to get there.

Example: You are generally ambitious without having very specific goals. You trust that you're going to get to where you need to be and you're an unstoppable freight train on its way.

Do you speak your mind when you need to?

Example: You may not seem bold to others, but when you want to speak, you're not too shy to blurt out what you need to say without any shyness. The way you say it may even seem jarring to others because it can seem to come from left field or be inappropriate in the conversation.

Do you want to talk about what's happening in the present without needed to dredge up the past?

Example: You live more in the current moment and don't feel the need to process emotions from painful things that happened in the past. You dislike when people insist that you talk about such things because it brings up bad feelings that you prefer to forget about.


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