Trust and Safety Guidelines

We at the Alchemy Learning Center are excited and passionate to offer this content to our members and students every day!

The Alchemy Learning Center is devoted to building a community based on transformation, wisdom, and personal growth. We are committed to empowering members everyday and to providing an amazing learning experience for a global community of students.

It is up to all of us in the Alchemy Learning Center community to live these values. When we live these values, we continue to create a safe environment for learning where anyone can study this ancient wisdom online — and have a fun doing it!

Who Forms our Community?

– Our members come to the Alchemy Learning Center to have an engaging learning experience where they have access to a variety of self-cultivation topics on a daily basis.

Teachers – Our teachers are devoted to sharing their wisdom and experience with our members and students.

What are the Ground-Rules?

1) Don’t spam

Users come to the Alchemy Learning Center to have a safe and engaging learning experience and teachers teach for the love of sharing knowledge.

2) Keep it professional

Our teachers and members/students actively collaborate and communicate with each other and have healthy and vibrant discussions through the course-taking experience. We ask that, in connection with those relationships, you are respectful, honest, and considerate with each other. Be a positive member of the Alchemy Learning Center community. Never ask for personal information, or post unoriginal content as your own.

3) If you see something, say something

If anything you see or experience ever seems like a violation, or you are unsure about a policy, just let us know by emailing Someone on our team will review every report, answer your questions, and determine whether there has been a violation of our policies.

We’re here to help you understand our policies and be successful on the Alchemy Learning Center.

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