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This webinar is designed for practitioners, however, if you're an enthusiastic Five Element learner, you'll also enjoy this discussion.

As a practitioner, if you’ve struggled identifying the CF of your clients, these webinars will help demystify and hone your diagnostic techniques and sharpen your observational skills. First, we will start with the practitioners themselves… to understand yourself is the most important tool in your skill set. How do you move from Element to Element in your day-to-day life?

Leta Herman has spent the past 20 years dedicated to discovering better methods for understanding the Five Elements in yourself and your clients. From the beginning of her practice, she was determined to use the Five Elements not just for treatments but to help each client have a better understanding of themselves. This led to a deeper dive, learning from some of the best teachers in the world. Leta combines her knowledge and experience and has created ways to excel and thrive with the knowledge of the Five Elements, The Nine Palaces of the Heart and ultimately through the practice of Alchemy. Through her easy-to-understand descriptions of the movement of qi in her clients and the world around us, Leta has made Five Element diagnosis much easier for everyone to digest. Jaye McElroy uses these concepts in her Alchemical Life Strategy sessions to have deeper conversations with each client about how they understand of themselves and how they interact with the world. She has developed helpful ways of understanding ALL Five Elements within a being, not just the first one or two …. learning to connect your circle, and the role of the Nine Palaces of the Heart and Alchemy in everyone’s life. Jaye helps teach us to not just ask ourselves questions, but how to ask ourselves (and our clients) better questions. During this lively Webinar, as you begin to learn these new perspectives, you will be able to have more confident conversations with your clients about their energetic makeups, which they can affirm wholeheartedly. In addition, once they understand their first three Elements more deeply, they can develop techniques that help them avoid the pitfalls of their third Element and perhaps have a much deeper and loving acceptance of their lives. In this Webinar, we will introduce you to these new methods of Five Element diagnosis that reliably help us identify a person’s Elemental stack-up (aka CF). What is a Stack-Up vs. the Constitutional Factor (CF)? What are some of the questions you can ask to identify your first, second and the important third Element?​

Future Webinars will include:

Walk this Way (Five Element Assessment of the Walks) – Observing how a being walks through time and space is one of the most powerful tools of Five Element assessment. The Five Element walks can be a much more efficient and effective diagnosis method. We all move according to our Energetic makeup. It’s one of the easiest and primary ways to identify the top three elements and eliminate the Elements that are clearly not in the top three!

Finding Your Voice (Advanced Understanding of Five Element Sound) – After assessing movement, the next most powerful assessment technique is the sound of the voice. We use the voice to help confirm our initial assessment. Shouting, Laughing, Singing, Weeping, Groaning describe the Five Element sounds of the voice but the energetics behind the sound are more important. Listen with new ears to the ups and downs of the voice. How do we move beyond the Voice in assessment and understand the deeper nuances of how we speak?

Smell It Like It Is (Advanced Understanding of Five Element Smell) – Rancid, Scorched, Fragrant, Rotten, and Putrid are just words to describe specific odors. But Five Element odor diagnosis requires a much deeper understanding of the energetics of smell. What smells go up vs. down? How do the 2nd and 3rd Elements put you off the scent during crisis times (which is most often when clients come into our clinics). What is the smell of someone who needs the Ghost Points?

The Color of Energy (Advanced Understanding of Five Element Color) – As we get more confirmation of the Elemental Stack-Up, it’s time to ask more question to confirm your theory and look at the Color. The way light shines off the face has an energetic vibration, not just a color. To say that Wood is green is simplifying the diagnostic technique. How does the light of “green” energy come off the face? This is an important distinction for understanding the Five Element Colors. How does Chaotic (Aggressive) Energy affect the colors of the face?

Let’s Get Emotional (Advanced Understanding of the Five Emotions and how they relate to the Elemental Stack-Up and the Nine Palaces of the Heart) – We all have access to the Five Element emotions at all times. However, once you combine the Emotional assessment with the Elemental Stack-Up and the Nine Palaces, it becomes much clearer what a person’s primary Emotion is most of the time.

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