Releasing Chaotic Energy

Your Introduction To Releasing Chaotic Energy (For Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Clients!)

Leta · July 8, 2021

What Is Chaotic Energy?

  • Chaotic energy is an energy that gets into your system through your defensive Wei qi. When it infiltrates your system, you feel like you’re not yourself. You may be ornery, paranoid, frustrated, or sad. You may be short with those around you and find yourself speaking unkindly.
  • ​Chaotic energy is harmless at first but it feels bad inside because it blocks the flow of qi in your body. Over time it can be the cause of more serious illness.
  • ​​In some cases, people are prone to getting Chaotic Energy symptoms over and over again. For these people in particular, we believe it’s incredibly helpful to learn how to release this negative energy yourself. 

About this workshop:

This is a recorded workshop that was so much fun to do! We had a great group of Alchemy Healing Center clients and practitioners/students. It’s focused on self-care and care of your loved ones, but also is helpful for practitioners looking to broaden their understanding of the treatment of Chaotic Energy in their practices. Chaotic Energy (also called Aggressive Energy by J.R. Worsley, master teacher of Five Element Acupuncture) is one of the most difficult things to understand and treat in Chinese Medicine, yet it runs rampant in our society today due to the high levels of stress and anxiety all around us. 

About Instructor


Leta first discovered The Five Elements when she began studying Chinese Medicine in the late 90s. From the moment she first discovered them, she declared... "Everyone needs to know this stuff!" She incorporates the Five Elements in her Alchemical Healing Practice as well as in her life. In 2004, Leta met and began studying with Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th-generation Taoist priest and Chinese Medicine healer. Master Yuen's body of knowledge is so profound that he regularly introduces concepts that challenge what even life-long masters thought they knew. In 2008, Leta successfully completed Master Yuen's Advanced Chinese Medicine Program. Leta still continues to travel the world and study Chinese Medicine and Alchemy with Master Yuen. It has been through the past 20 years with Master Yuen that Leta has begun to understand on a deeper level, some of the key aspects of Alchemy and Chinese Medicine. In 2019, Leta and Jaye created their first year-long Master Alchemy Program. And most recently, they launched the Alchemy Learning Center in 2020. Leta is the co-host of the popular Inspired Action Podcast.

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