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To begin our Alchemical Journey, let's start with a few basic meditations. As you progress, you will move onto the 1st Stage of Alchemy Meditations.

This group of meditations includes:

  • The Relax Your Body, Clear Your Mind, Open Your Doors meditation – this is the basis of all of our meditations. We start with this relaxation meditation to prepare you for deeper meditations.
  • The Letting Go meditation – this is the main meditation for the First Stage of Alchemy and the main theme of Alchemy – letting go of all the baggage we keep carrying around with us from one day into the next. Clear yourself of these before going to sleep at night so you can wake up free and easy, like a child.
  • The Releasing Rebellious Qi meditation – Rebellious Qi is the feeling like we have to fight to get what we want. Learn to float downstream and allow yourself to receive all that you want – with ease!
  • Who Am I meditation – Ask yourself who you are on a very basic level, not in relation to anything else in this world. You’ll explore visual, auditory and sensory ways to find the answer to your Who Am I question. This is a conversation with your heart and your higher self.

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