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Your Self-Cultivator Path Starts Here...

The Path of Alchemy is the pursuit of the perfection of the spirit within us. Through practicing internal cultivation, you can undergo a series of Alchemical transformations...
we call this the Nine Stages of Alchemy.
If you're a practitioner wanting to add the remarkable healing work to your practice... it all starts with YOU!

Your Five Elements

The Alchemist is neither the Saint or the Hero, but somewhere in between. It's having acceptance for what is (the Saintly path) but also being willing to follow inspiration to do whatever needs to be done (the Hero path).
In between these two paths, lies the Wu Wei (inspired action) path of the Alchemist.
This path begins with accepting yourself - your authenticity!
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FREE - Your First Alchemical Meditations

Alchemical Healing requires that a practitioner cultivate a level of presence in the treatment room that enables the client to undergo deep and vulnerable transformation.


Advanced Alchemical Five Element Energetics

Alchemical Healing requires that a practitioner cultivate a level of presence in the treatment room that enables the client to undergo deep and vulnerable transformation

Your Nine Palaces

  • Take your Nine Palaces Assessment
  • Take your Relationship Assessment
  •  Dive into your Loving Yourself Exercise
  • Answer the 10 Million Dollar Question
  • The True values Exercises
  • How to practice Alchemical Life Strategy Coaching (for coaches and practitioners)
  • Nine Palaces Challenges
  • The Who Am I Meditation
  • The Void of the Heart Meditation
  • Full How-to Handout

Your Alchemical Meditations

What are Alchemical Meditations?

The practice of Alchemy is the pursuit of the perfection of the spirit within. Through a practice of internal cultivation, a person can undergo a series of alchemical transformations. Through these transformations, it is believed the Alchemist can become physically immortal and have the ability to fly and transcend time and space. While these might not seem based in reality, we can look at this transformation metaphorically – what would make you feel like you’re truly flying in your life with no limitations?

Alchemical Meditations begin with mostly visualizations and sensory body awareness techniques. Over time they progress to deeper levels of meditations, moving into other states of mind.

At the Alchemy Learning Center, we recommend you begin with our Intro to Alchemical Meditations to practice this form of meditation before progressing through the Nine Stages. The progression should not be rushed and can take years! We suggest that you combine the meditations with receiving Alchemical treatment (in person or virtually through telemedicine) with a practitioner. However, you can also work through the meditations on your own.

We hope you enjoy our guided meditations. You can use them each time you meditate or use them simply as instructional suggestions for your own exploration into these “meditation exercises.”

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FREE - Your First Alchemical Meditations

To begin our Alchemical Journey, let's start with a few basic meditations. As you progress, you will move onto the Stage One of Alchemy Meditations.

Stage One of Alchemy Meditations

Stage One of Alchemy Meditations Class

The goal of Stage One of Alchemy is to create ease in your life so that you can commune with your higher self. 


Stage Two of Alchemy Meditations Class

The goal of Stage Two is to clear the baggage of this lifetime, release the armor you carry on your chest, and free your heart so you can live unprotected and free.

Stage Three of Alchemy Meditations

Stage Three of Alchemy Meditations Class

 The goal of Stage Three is to release the baggage of previous lifetimes and ancestral influences.

Stage Four of Alchemy Meditations

Stage Four of Alchemy Meditations Class

The goal of Stage Four is to circulate your qi within your system and exchange your desires for wisdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all of your questions about alchemy and our work here.
All illness comes from wanting things to last forever. Historically, Chinese Medicine’s purpose is to heal our spirits. We know things can’t last forever, but it’s human nature to wish things could or that we could go back in time and do it over again. We wish for permanence in life, but the only constant in life is the idea of change. The Alchemical Healer isn’t doing the healing, but rather is acting as the medium or the intermediary by which something comes through them, and through them, they serve as a vehicle of the healing process. 
Alchemy can mean many things to many different people. But the Chinese Daoist masters believed that people are like gold—that their spirits can never tarnish and disintegrate like other base metals, such as silver or lead. Even though most people believe we will eventually grow old, decrepit, and die, these Chinese masters believed humans could even become physically immortal! Alchemy helps our minds embrace the comforting idea that we are something greater than our physical beings—something that has an ever-changing, but permanent nature.

“Alchemy can take you on a journey of self-cultivation with the goal of helping you truly fly in your life and live your full potential.”

The Nine Stages of Alchemy is a map created by the ancient Chinese Alchemists. The stages are a set of directions… telling you to go left here, right here, etc. I learned them from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest, and then practiced them on myself and with others for many years in my clinic.

The Nine Stages as a spiritual evolution roadmap to a destination with specific directions that say… “Turn right here. Turn left here.” It’s not the only way to get to the destination, but it works. It’s a proven way to get there. The ancient Chinese Alchemists put out all the signposts for us, so why not follow those signs instead of create our own? Buddha created his own path. And that’s fine. It’s not easy or everyone would have done it by now. But if Buddha did it, anyone can theoretically do it that way. However, we like the signposts. We like a little linearity. “First do this. Then next do this. Third do this.” These steps can be done in any order theoretically, but in this particular order, everything goes very smoothly. The Stages of Alchemy have changed our lives completely. It’s hard to explain without describing the whole process, but it’s an evolutionary process. It asks you to walk through doors fearlessly—doors that open up new worlds to you, but are difficult to explain or describe to anyone.

Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy, authors of the new book, Through the Mystery Gate, created the Alchemy Learning Center as an educational community space for people to discover the tools for personal Alchemical transformation and growth… and to have a little fun along the way!

The Alchemy Learning Center is dedicated to learning ancient wisdom for modern times with the desire to empower, inform, and motivate people toward the path of living authentically.

We focus on living an authentic and true-to-self life from the understandings of the ancient Chinese Five Elements and the secrets of Internal Alchemy.

We’ve created the Alchemy Learning Center to teach others how we’ve done it and how they can do it too.

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