Five Elements and Nine Palaces Bonus Bundle


Understanding the Five Elements Class

This class gives you the Alchemy Learning Center's fundamental understanding of the Chinese theory of the Five Elements. Leta and Jaye have a unique, easily accessible way of explaining these theories that even seasoned acupuncturists will appreciate.

Understanding The Nine Palaces of the Heart Class

The Nine Palaces are the Nine areas of life that we must all learn to balance and attend to. This class will help you understand this ancient Chinese philosophy and how it affects our lives.

Advanced Alchemical Five Element Energetics

This class take the Five Element theories and applies them to an Alchemical Chinese Medicine practice. How can you understand the Five Elements more deeply and how they apply to each person's "stack up."



🌟 Unlock the Secrets of Five Elements and Nine Palaces! 🌟

Are you a seasoned practitioner seeking deeper wisdom or a self-cultivator eager to explore your inner world? This bundle is your ticket to understanding the profound mysteries of the Five Elements and Nine Palaces.

🌿 What’s Inside: 🌿

πŸ”₯ Master the Five Elements: Gain a profound understanding of the elemental energies that shape our world and our beings. Uncover the secrets of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

πŸ•Œ Explore the Nine Palaces: Embark on a transformative journey through the Nine Palaces. Discover the hidden facets of yourself and those around you.

🌟 Why Choose This Bundle: 🌟

πŸ” In-Depth Knowledge: Receive a thorough introduction, curated for both seasoned practitioners and curious self-cultivators.

πŸͺ„ Personal Growth: Empower yourself with insights that go beyond the surface, leading to profound self-discovery.

πŸš€ Begin Your Journey Today! πŸš€

🌟 Limited Time Offer: Take advantage of our sale through October 31st and get $275 off.

NCCAOMΒ  and California Acupuncture Board CEUs – 16

Bundle Specs: (Total value – $864)

Understanding the Five Elements
Length: 4 hours
Filetypes: Videos, workbook
Language: English

The Nine Palaces of the Heart

Length: 11.5 hours
Filetypes: Videos, workbook, audio
Language: English
CEUs: 11.5 NCCAOM, 11.5 CA Acupuncture Board

Advanced Alchemical Five Element Energetics

Length: 4.5 hours
Filetypes: Videos, workbook
Language: English
CEUs: 4.5 NCCAOM, 4.5 CA Acupuncture Board

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