Alchemical Healer’s Bundle


Intro to Alchemy for Practitioners Class

This class introduces you to the most common treatments that we do in Alchemical Chinese Medicine.

Advanced Alchemical Five Element Energetics

Become an expert in assessing the Five Elements in all the beings that surround you. Many practitioners struggle with assessing the Five Elements. This class provides all the assessment information you need to more quickly and more accurately assess the Elemental Energetics of your clients (or another person).

Alchemical Rapport and Professional Intimacy

In this class we will move beyond the basic Five Element acupuncture idea of Color, Sound, Odor, and Emotion (CSOE) to a much deeper understanding of both diagnostic techniques but also the usage of the Five Elements to spiritually meet a patient so they feel seen and understood.

Removing Obstacles with the Nine Palaces

The Nine Palaces are the Nine parts of life every human being needs to attend to in order to feel a sense of fulfillment in life. A large part of Alchemical Healing demands that practitioners understand the many dilemmas that face our clients in terms of finding balance of the Nine Palaces in their lives and how to "coach" them through their obstacles.

Stage One of Alchemy Meditations Class

Each step in Stage One has a meditation associated with it. This group of meditations can help you walk through your own personal Alchemy.



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This Bundle includes all the classes to get you started with Alchemical Healing.  Buy the Becoming an Alchemical Healer Series and receive Intro to Alchemy and Stage One Meditations for free.


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